Andrey Malakhov gave his first interview after leaving the First channel

Андрей Малахов дал первое интервью после ухода с Первого канала The TV presenter broke the silence and spoke about changing jobs, which caused great public resonance. Andrey Malakhov explained that the impetus for such radical changes. In recognition of the journalist, he decided to start a new stage in life.
Андрей Малахов дал первое интервью после ухода с Первого канала

Presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov became one of the main newsmakers of this summer. Day after day in the press to discuss his departure from the First channel. The TV star decided to focus on loved ones, because very soon he will become a father. Journalist and his wife Natalia shkuleva awaited replenishment in the family.

For a long time Andrey Malakhov chose not to comment on the events that became a media sensation. An instructor who was on leave, vacationing with his wife. Recently, however, the journalist broke the silence and gave an exclusive interview to journalists speaking about the reasons why decided to make changes in routine. An open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all those with whom I am 25 years working on “the First channel”

Андрей Малахов дал первое интервью после ухода с Первого канала“Enough of all. But in a moment the crisis came,” he says.
Андрей Малахов дал первое интервью после ухода с Первого канала

In January, the journalist turned 45 years old. The presenter says he experienced “a crisis of the genre absolutely everything” – from the programs that began to seem to him a secondary, and ending with the dissatisfaction with their situation.

“I have always been in subjection. Man – a soldier, to obey orders. And wanted independence. Looked at colleagues, they became producers of their programs, they started to make decisions. And suddenly came to realize: life goes on, and we need to grow, to get out of tight frames,” says Malakhov.
Андрей Малахов дал первое интервью после ухода с Первого канала

This spring edition of the program “Let them talk” has moved to a large pavilion located near the metro station “Airport”. The news of the change of the Studio was a big surprise for Andrey Malakhov. Over the years, the doctor turned to the journalist in the second house. “It has its own aura, energy,” he says, adding that he began to worry about the scale of change. The presenter was concerned that simply “will not pull” the space of this volume.

“When you have the end of the season, a new place to shoot, you literally can’t make a bad start to be introspective, unnecessary self-destruction. I think you and host so-so, and nothing happens, and your time is gone… And then sent me a video how to dismantle the Studio “Let them talk”. Don’t know what to compare what I felt. Probably, if brought to the morgue and showed how to dissect close to you… And here it is: drop by drop burned everything to which I was emotionally attached”, he said.

Now, according to Andrey Malakhov, he begins a new stage in his life. The host has decided to move on and focus on something else. “You need to close that door,” he said in an exclusive interview to the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.