Andrey Malakhov fulfilled the dream of the young blogger

Андрей Малахов исполнил мечту юного блогера TV presenter Andrey Malakhov gave 10-year-old blogger Aline meeting with Alexey Vorobyov. The girl became famous after he published a video on its YouTube channel. In the video, the girl is crying because no one came to her fan meeting.
Андрей Малахов исполнил мечту юного блогера

More than 7 million views on YouTube gathered a movie in which girl Alina sincerely crying due to the fact that nobody came to her fan meeting. “Do not deceive me,” asked Alina subscribers, and tears flowed down her face. The video drew the attention of a well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov, and within a few days the video became one of the most popular in the Network. The girl continues to maintain its own channel on the Internet, she talks about her life, about what he was doing. Now she has more than 400 thousand subscribers.

In the Studio the new program Andrei Malakhov “hi, Andrew!” Alina said that the fan meeting did take place – thanks to the famed volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova, who, after watching the video, inspired by a little blogger sympathy and organized a joint meeting with the fans. But Malakhov made for Alina another surprise.

Андрей Малахов исполнил мечту юного блогера
Андрей Малахов исполнил мечту юного блогера“I think the video that you posted, has become popular because people in 2017 and 2018 in the coming year is not enough sincerity… More than anything, Alina wanted to meet with Alexei Vorobyov. Alex in our Studio, now you can with him, even to sing!” – said Andrey Malakhov.
Андрей Малахов исполнил мечту юного блогера

10-year-old Alina cried with delight and performed with their idol, together they sang the hit Vorobyov “She’s crazy”. The girl was supported by all those present in the Studio. And then famous people began to tell, when and how they did not come to the meeting. Among others, his example cited, the presenter, social activist and adept to a healthy lifestyle Tina Kandelaki. “At the beginning of your Internet journey, I said come all who are dissatisfied with me (and famous people all the time criticize), I will meet with everyone face-to-face, answer questions. Of course, nobody came” – with a smile years later remembered Tina.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in turn, encouraged a young blogger more happy and encouraged me more not to get upset if someone somewhere didn’t come on the first call.

“I’ve promised to all who will come to the Duma – give a bottle of champagne because guess what will win Donald trump. No one came. Am I offended or something? No, I saved money,” – said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Among the clips that are remembered in today’s program, “Hello, Andrew!”, was the one where the boy touched to tears by a song about a missing dog. The video has garnered over 7 million views. The mother sings, the boy is crying. The boy Artem Elmuratov editors of the project found in the Discovery and gave the YouTube star puppy French bulldog.

Tonight in the Studio, no one left without a gift, even Andrey Malakhov. Young chef-blogger Polina Simonova has treated all biscuits of own production, and personally, Andrew was presented with a toy for a newborn son. “The baby scratched teeth”, – to hesitate, said Polina.