Андрей Малахов впервые показал фото с сыном
TV presenter has published a family portrait.

Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia and son Alexander

Photo: @malakhov007 Instagram

Andrey Malakhov loves “digging” in someone else’s personal life: in the Studio “Live” sounds the most scandalous details of the lives of the main characters. But the details of its existence, the broadcaster conceals. So, for example, he was kept in the dark about the pregnancy of the wife — Natalia Kulevoy, and now also hides a newborn son. The day before little Alexander held a kind of debut in his father.

Malakhov placed in a personal blog a family portrait. He was captured in an embrace with his wife next to the stroller, where was sleeping four-month-old son of the couple. A touching picture of aroused affection among the fans of the TV presenter. Although many have criticized Andrew in that he hides the child. Perhaps the couple will officially present son when christened it.

Interestingly, Malakhov says almost nothing about Alexander. Yet he gave the only interview in which has told about who his boss at changing diapers. “From eleven to three nights of sleep he does not give us, my son is a typical boy problems – colic. And let the experts assert that in the first weeks of life the baby learns parents not visually, but only by smell and voice, I’m sure Sasha knows exactly who he has a beautiful and gentle aunt, who’s always there, and the stressed at work uncle, sometimes changing his diapers,” joked Andrew.