Andrey Malakhov does not go with the First channel

Андрей Малахов не уходит с Первого канала

Rating presenter Andrey Malakhov soon after their maternity leave will start shooting the new editions of the TV show “Let them talk”.

Russian media reported that Malakhov is not going to go with the First channel and the agreement has not been terminated. one of his friends told me that he is going to start to filming the new release “Let speak” immediately after the holidays, on August 10.

Reliable information or the confirmation from Andrew that he is really gone. nowhere to be found, so fans can only guess. Also, there is no evidence, does Malakhov to cooperate with the other channel. There is information only about what the presenter breaks to new releases, so we can assume that the conflict of the channel and the stars all the same was settled.

Refuted rumors media for July 30, when the first news that she broke the contract with the First channel and decided to move to Russia-1. Some described the reason that the project is back producer Natalia Nikonova, and others have argued that all because his pregnant wife.

After the resounding news of resignation, there is information about special Natalia Kulevoy, so the host decided to take a break and spend time with his wife.

The family went on vacation in hot Italy, where Andrew made a decision about her future, “I’m on a yacht with friends. And I’ve already made my decision.” Details are not yet disclosed. Perhaps, after such departure, the master will perform other duties in the native channel, but the source did not disclose details.

Maxim Galkin also decided to comment on a situation that happened to his friends. He recorded a video where he said that he sees no reasons for such a rapid discussion of this news. In his opinion, if Andrei Malakhov still decided to go with the First channel, it must as soon as possible to do it.