Andrey Malakhov commented on the birth of their first child

Андрей Малахов прокомментировал рождение первенца
The presenter told of his overflowing emotions.

Андрей Малахов прокомментировал рождение первенца

Andrey Malakhov with his wife Natalia Shkuleva

Photo: @natashashkuleva Instagram Natalia Kulevoy

Andrei Malakhov, who became a father late Thursday night
commented on the birth of their first child. “My wife is crying from the senses, we are happy,”
said the artist telegram-channel
Super. The name of the son of 45-year-old broadcaster had met, he and
his wife Natalia shkuleva is not chosen. Parents want to watch
baby at least the first few days and then decide what to call the baby.

Recall that the wife of the popular showman bore
the firstborn became known a few hours after the kid appeared on
light. Delivery was good, boy and mom rested at night and in the morning they waited for
first feeding and joyful meeting with my dad, who was unable to attend
themselves childbirth. About pregnancy Natalia Kulevoy began this spring.
But the celebrity couple did not comment on the event until then, until it became

Andrey Malakhov commented on the birth of their first child

“We are happy to announce the good citizens and those who for six
years of our marriage attacked my wife unceremoniously questions about perinatal
the family situation, — said Malakhov to the public in August. — Yes, we
Natasha waiting for the firstborn! I don’t know yet if I will go in the footsteps of CEO
The Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre, Vladimir Kekhman, who, after
the birth of their fourth child decided to take a maternity leave as much as three years, or
going along with the cropped version, as Prince William Cristiano Ronaldo,
who care for their kids a little less time.”