Andrey Malakhov called Boris Korchevnikov on straight talk

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор On Friday, the program “live” returned from summer vacation. In the next TV season viewers will see a real revolution in the talk show. On the eve of the presentation of the new editions of Andrei Malakhov interviewed former program host Boris Korchevnikov.
Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

On Friday, August 25 on channel “Russia 1” showed a very special edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, in which Boris korchevnikov handed over his post to Andrey Malakhov. Renowned journalist and chief editor of the project “StarHit” became the new host of talk show the Federal channel, which expected changes. In the broadcast of our colleagues talked about the work and touched on personal topics.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор“I decided that the program should be about Boris, Boris decided that the program should be about me, so today we have “straight talk “Korchevnikov and Asia,” said Andrew at the beginning of the broadcast.
Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

Malakhov allowed the former host of the program to look in his box of personal belongings, which was a portrait of his father, Nikolai Dmitrievich. “Look dad, smiling, optimistic, he is always with me,” said the journalist. However, the relationship Korchevnikov father was not always smooth, as he told in one of the issues “Live”.

Andrey Malakhov also showed his rare points that he got thanks to leading morning broadcast Elena Mironova. “They are like the memory of the man who made good,” explained presenter and gave a try on the thing colleague.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

The program talked a lot about how Boris korchevnikov began their journey. It turns out that the journalist led a program as a child. When he interviewed Yuri Luzhkov in the program “Tam-Tam news”, and years later played in the TV series “kadetstvo” and was aired in the program “history of the Russian show business” with Sergei Shnurov. At the same time, Andrei Malakhov’s career started when he was 21 years of age.

The memories of the past moved on to recent events. Boris korchevnikov told about one of the most dramatic moments of the transfer “live”. In July of 2016 year host announced the heroine that her son stabbed his wife and children, and then committed suicide. Now this woman brings granddaughter the only survivor. “We can no longer it does without each other,” she said.

“Over the years, I feel that we are responsible for your heroes. I know how relieved you feel. I see in the hall Olga Orlov, thank you for coming… the Story of Jeanne and her dad, who does not see his grandson, is a festering wound on my heart,” continued the conversation Andrey Malakhov.

Vladimir Borisovich Friske could not attend, but wished to speak in the broadcast transmission. “Over the years of illness of my daughter you to me became like family. You knew my whole story and everyone knows the truth. The truth is one. You are like family to me as my family members… Borenka, I especially relate, wherever we were, we’d been chatting. I know you have a bad disease…” – said the man in the video. He also said that still can not see my grandson Plato. The presenters thanked Mr Miller for his kind words.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

The Studio program appeared close to Andrei Malakhov, who came to be happy for him. Boris korchevnikov congratulated’s wife Natalia Shkulev with the addition to the family, who wished, in turn leading good luck. “You often hear her words of encouragement?” asked that at Malakhov. “Of course. Given that I spend a lot of time at work, so Natasha supported me with their MMS-kami, funny pictures… And not only I but all friends know to subscribe to the mailing Natasha – separate pleasure,” replied Andrew.

Boris korchevnikov told that not yet had children. “My mother wanted to be at my wedding and to say some words, I wanted to see my grandkids… Well, now I can put her example in you. I am 35 years old, and Andrew got married at 39. So all is not lost,” said the presenter.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

However, as it turned out, the man was married but separated from wife Anne-Cecile Sverdlovo. “We came out of the family…” explained Boris. Then he remembered how he met with former lover.

“I had just started to go to Church, and there he saw Anya. We were together seven or eight years is, of course, a lot in order to not make a move. But all the time there were some circumstances that this step is not allowed to do. Now I understand that for me and for her written by another script. We should not be together. But this man must have done a lot for me to bring me to God”, – shared the leading.
Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

Korchevnikov also added that childhood is Sverdlovo was quite unusual. Parents played her TV up to seven years. “I’m probably not met such people in life. (…) This made her very special and crystal clear man. I was very lucky that I was with her, and what came out of family matters. She asked me bar. I now appreciate that every woman is more than just the purity and loyalty,” said the man.

Boris asked colleagues why he later started a family. Andrey Malakhov explained that I gave it my all.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор“Television does not give you the opportunity to think, to stay. All very quickly, you’re always between the esters. If you give a profession, it is in the first place. But if you ask the Universe, pray, sooner or later…” he said.

In the program Boris korchevnikov also talked about how I came to God. Young girl friend advised him to go to the relics of Matrona of Moscow. That trip changed the attitude of the leader. According to Boris, he remembers the moment when, as if a huge floodlight illuminated his life. “There was the truth about everything, about who I am,” said the man.

Korchevnikov added that he believes work on television is not a sin, but a tool. “For me, every person (we are talking about heroes of the program – Ed.) was like the icon, I tried to love him, it was for me as a native,” he said. Interestingly, a year ago, Boris korchevnikov and Andrey Malakhov appeared together in the service of the Kremlin, and the communion of the Patriarch. Men remembered the memorable meeting in the broadcast transmission.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор“He (the Patriarch – Ed.) said, that the glory which we have, and the opportunity to speak to millions of people is a gift from God. And if we do it to help people, it’ll cover a lot of sins and be happy,” shared the former host of “Live”.
Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор

Andrey Malakhov said that Boris korchevnikov has great courage. Two years ago, moderator of the popular program to speak openly about their diagnosis. Then he was diagnosed with a benign tumor, and the man had to undergo surgery.

Андрей Малахов вызвал Бориса Корчевникова на откровенный разговор“Then it turned out that this is not the worst thing that can happen to a person. That this tumor for many years, and I lived with her. It’s very rare they say it one hundred thousand. And it’s not the brain, that in mind. I had the surgery on the advice of doctors. Then we found out that live with her and it could not remove. (…) We cannot say that the operation was successful. Was very serious consequences. Often people after such an operation on his feet, sometimes three days, sometimes a week. I was rocked three weeks”, – said Boris.

Korchevnikov denied the rumors that have struggled with cancer. The moderator noted that in the media a lot of distorted information about his condition.

“What happened to me, it’s not cancer. Not Oncology. Of course, there was a lot of hype on this subject. In the press, especially in recent days. A lot of lies. But it is a disease, which made me, a grown man, who always played sports, were very successful, for the first time made me feel like anything is weaker,” he said.

According to the moderator, this realization truly changed his life. “What we are naive and stupid when I think we ourselves can do something. That we have the power. (…) And only a miracle of God keeps us in strength and health. One whiff, and we all. We can’t do anything in life. I am very acutely aware of it in the hospital,” explained Boris.

After the commercial break Andrei Malakhov said that the Studio will continue to fight for the heroes to save them. The journalist remembered the singer Eugenia Aspen, which said “Live”. The actor, who suffers from alcoholism, went for the treatment in Thailand, where is Lou Ferrigno. Blonde recorded a video message to the leading, noting that she was all right.

Mom Dana Borisova Ekaterina, who were among the program, thanked Andrey Malakhov for the prompt intervention in the fate of her daughter. “Four days ago she said to me: “Mom, I know you did the right thing. Good for you for coming to this show. Only you helped, and you saved,” said parent stars.

In the final show of Boris korchevnikov announced that is not forgiven “Russia 1”. The presenter, who led the Orthodox channel “Spas”, is also preparing to launch a new show.

“Very soon we will meet in the broadcast channel “Russia” project, whose name I still will not disclose. Very soon. So personally, I won’t say goodbye,” said korchevnikov.