Андрей Макаров: жена, личная жизнь

The former is known for scandalous TV presenter (series “Justice” and then “Freedom and justice” on the First channel), a successful lawyer (co-founder of the Moscow lawyer Bureau “Andrei Makarov and Alexander Tobacco”), the Deputy of the party “United Russia”. There are still a large number of titles in this diverse and educated person.

His political and social activities for all to see, and his proposed legislation and put forward proposals at the hearing.

		Андрей Макаров: жена, личная жизнь

About my personal life in General and family in particular, the Deputy does not like to propagate limited to dry generalities. However, his daughters said with concern, but the information is strictly dose limits for the General public.

Wife of Andrei Makarov and their personal life

Faithful companion of Andrei Mikhailovich to 2014 was Yulia Makarova. Holds a degree in law, a prominent lawyer. Concurrently, he was co-founder and practitioner of law in the aforementioned law firm.

Wife of Andrei Makarov was a member of the Board of Directors of one of the four plants engaged in the development and production of rocks included in the notorious “EvrazHolding” – the Corporation of Roman Abramovich.

The former spouses have a joint three daughters.

Before the fatal 2014 the woman was part of top-ranked the 50 richest wives of Russian officials.
The disorder in the family Makarov began in 2010, when the wife of Andrei Makarov stood to make a lot more of her husband. Enough to see a summary table of the total annual income, in order to understand how materially the wife ahead of husband.

Table of income (mln rubles)

Year Andrew Julia
2010 3.7 V 45
2011 7,5 75
2012 2 95
2013 unknown 99

Everything is clear and user – wife, successful business woman, lots of made a living. This led to problems in the personal life of Andrei Makarov and his wife and as a result a divorce in 2014

It should be noted that this year was fatal for couples in the State Duma. In the main legislative body occurred global “zeropad”.

Ex-wife after the divorce

After the breakup, the fate of the former wife of the Deputy Andrei Makarov has been more than successful. The woman became the owner of an expensive movable and immovable property.

In her possession of land:

  • 2 plots of 2500 sq. m.;
  • 2 plots of 1500 sq. m. in Spain;
  • Land under country house construction in the suburbs of 1800 sq. m.;
  • 2 plots of 2500 sq. m.;
  • 2 plots of 1500 sq. m.


  • In Moscow, 746 sq. m.;
  • Spain 318 sq. m.

As well as the apartment area is 190 sq m and the car “Lexus” – 4 pieces.

Her husband left the apartment in Moscow with an area of 53 sq. m. and one car. Currently, Julia’s son living in Spain.

Children Of Andrey Makarov

He admits Andrew M. – daughter is the best thing in his life. A politician is willing to do in order to life “his girls” was much better than himself. The youngest this year was 18 years old, she still only gets higher education. Two older is an already established personality with a law degree and work successfully in the specialty. So to speak, following in the footsteps of his father.

		Андрей Макаров: жена, личная жизнь

On the photo: Andrey Makarov

Interesting facts from the biography

At the moment the politician holds a high post in the main legislative body of the Russian Federation – is the head of the State Duma Committee on taxes and budget.

In the personal life of Andrei Makarov was a time when his weight exceeded 170 kg. was Reached that pressure began to rise to critical levels, and overall health was deteriorating with each passing month.
For getting rid of the extra pounds male have tried a lot of tools and techniques – from starvation to medication “Herbalife”. However, a positive result – weight – was not.

		Андрей Макаров: жена, личная жизнь

Makarov overweight

This issue helped to solve the “doctor” of wolves. Thanks to his “method” Makarov lost 78 lbs. He proposed a system of weight loss based on the blood test. In accordance with the selected program has been allocated a food, the composition of the diet of Andrey Mikhailovich.

In addition to the normalization of diet, the patient was offered specific exercise. So, the MP refused to lift and transport, which brought him to work, did a lot of walking (about 15 km per day).

		Андрей Макаров: жена, личная жизнь

The combination of all these events has borne visible fruit: significant weight loss, stabilizing blood pressure, improving overall well-being.

In addition to the political Olympus, Makarov won acting laurels. So in 1998 he played the role of banker in a fantasy drama directed by Vladimir Bortko “Circus burned, and clowns ran”.

It will be interesting to learn about the passion of the hero of chess. Not as much, and Andrew M. international master of chess sport and at one time was Vice – President of the Russian chess Federation under the leadership of Kirsan Ilumina.

Text: Proskurnin Elena

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