Andrey Makarevich's wife* lashed out at a Russian surgeon The woman believes that the doctor should think about emigration .

Andrey Makarevich's wife* lashed out at the Russian surgeon with accusations Fourth wife singer Andrey Makarevich* (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of individuals-foreign agents) Einat Klein left an angry comment under the publication of neurosurgeon Alexei Kashcheev. The head of the neurosurgical department of the University Clinic of Moscow State University shared his reflections on his page on social networks and noted that over the past year he performed 1286 operations, 20 of which few can successfully carry out.

Andrey Makarevich's wife* attacked a Russian surgeon

The musician's wife, who has been following the doctor's page for a long time, criticized him for helping the Russians and left an angry comment under the post on the doctor's page and urged him to leave the country rather than save the lives of Russians.

“Mr. Doctor, I have been reading you with admiration for many years. Is saving a life worth more than personal emigration? But whose lives are you saving today in Russia, doctor? Killers? Their children? Their mothers? Is it really worth it?” — wrote Klein in the social network. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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