Andrey Makarevich caught colleagues on stage plagiarism

Андрей Макаревич уличил коллег по сцене в плагиате The permanent leader “time Machine” have accused the British group Radiohead in borrowing ideas. According to the actor, the English rockers stole the idea of the video “where the light is” implemented in 2001.
Андрей Макаревич уличил коллег по сцене в плагиате

Andrei Makarevich is one of the most influential artists in Russia. A song of group “the time Machine” became a cult classic, and their videos always have different conceptual meaning and unusual presentation. The video for the song “where the light” was suddenly cause for scandal. The fact that local musician accused the British band Radiohead for plagiarism.

“They acted very ugly. Completely ripped off the idea video “where the light” and made his version of the video called Lift. “The time machine” has implemented this idea in 2001,” shared Makarevich opinions in social networks.

Two music videos are really remarkably similar. The action in both video develops in the Elevator, and even match the angles of the shots and actions of the characters. Fans Makarevich was divided into two camps. Many of them agreed that we are talking about blatant plagiarism, but there were also those who took the position of British artists.

“Many clips are evolving in the Elevator. This can hardly be called a borrowing”, “two videos Have in common is only the location. As for the rest, it’s not like video, You are exaggerating the scale of the disaster, although plagiarism is still a noticeable”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the musician.

Andrei Makarevich is actively engaged in social networking, and is often interested in fans ‘ opinion on a particular issue. Usually posts artist somehow related to music.

Admittedly, the new video British rockers is very popular. The band Radiohead has officially presented the video of 12 September and in just two days it received over a million views.

For comparison, the music for the song “where the light” was much less popular. At the moment, fans of the “time Machine” looked it over 300,000 times, and that’s assuming that the video was officially presented 16 years ago.

While the leaders of the band Radiohead did not respond to the criticism. The musicians started to advertise a new video on social networks, it does not mention about possible plagiarism.

Andrey Makarevich has also not referred to possible litigation on the case of borrowing. However, the fans are sure that even if the plagiarism was the place to be, it was accidental and not planned.