Andrey Kovalyov confessed to a cancer patient Lama Safonova

Андрей Ковалев покаялся перед больной раком Ламой Сафоновой Millionaire regrets that gave the singer the persecution. Andrey Kovalev admitted his mistake and publicly apologized to the Lama Safonova. Businessman hopes for her recovery. Earlier the businessman accused the actress that she allegedly tried to make money on cancer.

      Андрей Ковалев покаялся перед больной раком Ламой Сафоновой

      The singer and businessman Andrei Kovalev said he did not believe in cancer Lama Safonova. The man claimed to have conducted its own investigation, which led him to doubt the story of the artist. After the businessman publicly accused Safonov fraud. Sama Lama categorically denied the fact that she allegedly faking a serious illness.

      Recently, however, Kovalev admitted his mistake and publicly apologized to Safonova. The entrepreneur hopes that the Lama will be able to cope with a terrible diagnosis to get better. About this businessman said in one of his social networks.

      In his address to the subscribers Kovalev also mentioned about the illness of the actress Stella Baranovskaya. Earlier the actress was also accused of fraud. Baranovskaya itself refutes these claims. “By the way, I didn’t believe that Stella has cancer. Thought PR. It turned out, was wrong. She’s in critical condition. Stupid, quit chemotherapy and started the herbal treatment, lost time. And now she has painful treatment. Pray for Stella, her son 6 years old. I wish you health and love”, – said the businessman.

      “I went to Church, lit a candle for the health of Lama, ordered prayers… I did not believe in her illness, her publicist Ivan IRBIS, and now believes. And many do not believe… But it is a terrible disease. Asking for Llama sorry for that. Prayed left her demons. In this difficult time for her no need to persist in a lie, you need to repent of their sins. To ask forgiveness. Do not need to continue to do evil. And you, my friends, pray for her,” said Kovalev.

      Recall that Lama Safonova continues to bravely fight cancer. Recently, the singer began a course of chemotherapy. According to Safonova, her condition suddenly deteriorated. Fans of the Lama, and other concerned people praying for her health.

      Lama Safonova shocked photos after major surgery

      A day earlier, the artist wrote an open letter to President Vladimir Putin. In his address and asked me to protect her from persecution, arranged Kovalev. “I struggle every day life. I have a serious diagnosis confirmed by official documents of the major medical institutions: “Adenocarcinoma. Endometrial cancer the third stage, with metastases in the lymph nodes aggravated intolerance of many drugs,” – said the woman in social networks.