Андрей Харитонов попал в больницу в тяжелом состоянии As it became known to journalists, the singer starring in the cult film “the gadfly” was feeling unwell and was forced to seek help from doctors. Fans of Andrei Kharitonov’s worried about him and want to quickly go on the amendment.
Андрей Харитонов попал в больницу в тяжелом состоянии

The star of the films “the gadfly”, “the Secret “blackbirds” and “the Mystery of Endhouse” 58-year-old Andrey Kharitonov was forced to go to the doctors. Last night the artist was in one of hospitals of Moscow.

According to some, the star of theatre and film needed urgent medical intervention. As journalists, now Kharitonov is recovering after surgery.

Fans Kharitonov was alarmed by the news of his emergency hospitalization. Users of social networks wish the actor a speedy recovery and hope that the doctors will do everything possible to improve his condition.

Андрей Харитонов попал в больницу в тяжелом состоянии

Andrey Kharitonov was born in 1959 in Kiev. Debut was the participation in the film “the gadfly” by Nikolai Mashchenko based on the novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich with the participation of Sergei Bondarchuk and Anastasiya Vertinskaya. Kharitonov got the role of the protagonist, Arthur Burton, son of a wealthy shipowner from Livorno, who is seriously interested in revolutionary ideas. Movie lovers were thrilled from the work of a novice actor. Kharitonov has managed to bring many viewers for the emotions.

“An actor from God, the whole like a raw nerve, playing on a ruptured aorta, when shot, almost everyone who was at the screen, crying bitterly. For that would not come from this talented person, all turns out well,” wrote one of the fans of Andrei Igorevich.

Андрей Харитонов попал в больницу в тяжелом состоянии

In an interview the actor told that wasn’t worried before filming. To survive Kharitonov began only when I learned about the part in the legendary film by Sergei Bondarchuk. “I just can’t imagine, look at him, meet his eyes. Because it is such power, such a high name, and I half-taught boy, a student of a third year” – such words of the artist cited in the book “Sergei Bondarchuk. His war and peace” Olga Plotnikovoj.

In the future, Kharitonov went on to star in the movie. Just on account of his nearly 40 roles, including in movies like “Yaroslav the Wise”, “the Star and death of Joaquin Murieta”, “Secret “blackbirds”, “the wild wind”, “the invisible Man”, “End of operation “Resident”, the Riddle of Endkhauza” and “the Life of Klim Samgin”. In addition, Andrey Igorevich can be seen in the TV series “On the corner near the Patriarchal”, “Young wolfhound” and “Juncker”. In 1991, the screens out the picture “Thirst of passion”, directed by star.

When a famous actor in the night from Sunday to Monday was taken to hospital, experts assessed his condition as serious, reports REN TV.