Andrey Gubin has put in a good word for Tanya Tereshina

Андрей Губин замолвил слово за Таню Терешину The former lead singer of the popular band Hi-Fi talked about the fact that once the singer promoted her in show business. Tatyana Tereshina thanked Andrei Gubin for the recommendation and wished him all the best. 30 APR artist celebrated its 43 anniversary.
Андрей Губин замолвил слово за Таню Терешину

30 APR singer Andrei Gubin celebrated his birthday. Celebrities turned 43 years. In this regard, the fans wrote him congratulations in social networks, in which the star wished all the best.

Among those who decided to share the publication on the artist was Tatiana Tereshina. The ex-soloist Hi-Fi thanked Andrew for collaboration, through which she began her career in show business. In 2002 Tereshina starred in the video Gubina for the song “She’s the one”, and after some time, the leggy beauty was cast in the group Hi-Fi. As it turned out, not without the help of the birthday boy.

“I don’t know why Gubin left his beautiful, fair and successful career, but his good songs are still people love to sing. In General, I am extremely grateful to this incredible man for many things, including what it is with his light hand and started my first steps in show business. Once, in 2002, I starred in his clip and then he put in a decent word about me as a person, and I drew the attention of the producer of the group Hi-Fi. I think this is largely influenced my getting into it. Happy birthday, Andrew! Be happy and healthy! And thank you,” shared Tereshina in his microblog.

Subscribers actress joined her congratulations. According to many, Andrey Gubin – talented performer. “The singer of my childhood”, “most-Most”, “Andrew at the time was driving! Kid”, “the Dream of many girls of the 90s. And mine in particular. I heard that he had health problems”, “love the creativity of this artist,” wrote in the comments at the publication Tereshinoy. Your opinion about music stars also left TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov. According to the women, she loved his songs. “Yes, and Andrew is a great guy,” she added.

Some fans Tereshinoy remembered a recent interview with Gubin in the “Oh mom!”. In the transmission, which went on the air of TV channel “Mir”, the actor has frankly told about the illness, because of which he terminated his career in show business. “I have to “float” the entire left side of his face, on the neck of some bands… I can’t feel half of the body, and the doctors say everything is normal,” – shared the singer.

Andrey Gubin is afraid of his own reflection in the mirror

Recall that a few years ago Andrey Gubin was raised a serious diagnosis: left – sided prosopalgia. Because of this, diseases of the nervous system, the artist is experiencing constant facial pain.