Andrey Gubin has declared that it wants to kill

Андрей Губин заявил, что его хотят убить The singer made the sensational confession in a live TV show. According to Andrey Gubin, he has enemies who could be responsible for the accident that happened to him in Sochi. In addition, the contractor met with their former lovers and admitted that he never found happiness in his personal life.
Андрей Губин заявил, что его хотят убить

The star of the 90s, Andrey Gubin rarely gives interviews and was not acting with the new songs. After doctors diagnosed the idol of millions of girls left prosopalgia, he prefers to ignore social events. Recently Gubin appeared in the Studio of “live”, which told about a terrible accident in which he was in Sochi and met with people from his past.

Andrey Gubin is afraid of his own reflection in the mirror

A famous actor believes that the accident occurred in the resort town, happened for a reason. Gubin is confident that his life could encroach. “It was terrible. For no reason the car took off, the windshield arrived. With all the events that happen around, I seriously say: “Well, it’s not toys,” said Andrew. According to the artist, he was in a taxi.

“I was riding in a taxi, I was not driving and was sitting next to the driver. It was an attempt on my life. I’m asking just do some kind of cleanliness that I didn’t. Villainy in my address started a very long time. I then did not notice them, I was small. Well, what are you doing? Well, at least don’t need to push me to the trucks on the street,” said the singer.
Андрей Губин заявил, что его хотят убить

Rezonansnoe statement of the contractor of the assassination attempt commented Otar Kushanashvili. “I categorically refuse to believe it,” said showman.

In the program also touched on the personal life of the performer. Andrey Gubin is still alone. “I like a lot of girls. I’m strong enough, despite its modest size, man. Of course, I’m a girl looking for the one, whom she admire,” said the artist.

The Studio of the TV show visited the actress Anastasia Starygin, the daughter of the star of the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”. She starred in the video of Andrew on the song “Lisa”, after which many thought that the blonde beauty broke the singer’s heart. However, true fans Gubina know what actually we are talking about another girl who went abroad and became a happy mother of two children.

Андрей Губин заявил, что его хотят убить

Ex-fiancée of Andrei Gubin Lucy, Kobelco, with whom he had not seen for fifteen years, got in touch with the editors of the program through Skype. “How nice,” commented her appearance, the artist. The young woman stated that the relationship with the singer became her school life. According to Kobelco, Roman Gubin taught her “patience and accept the person such what he is.” “We don’t have a family, because so there were circumstances,” added Lucy.

“We parted hard. Since then, not socializing. Evil I it does not hold. Training I was not involved,” – said in turn, Andrew.
Андрей Губин заявил, что его хотят убить

The same girl who broke Gubin heart, lives in Switzerland. As said, Kobevko she is okay. Lucy continues to communicate with former beloved of the artist. “She has a wonderful family and two children. She’s really a very bright man. She was very fond of Andrew,” said Kobelco.

Before you say goodbye to the participants of the program, Lucy had publicly appealed to the singer.

“I wish Andrew was happy because he is very talented and wonderful. I hope that he will accept himself and find love, believe people the girls. Because, honestly, a lot of good girls. Apparently, he was so comfortable, I don’t know. Or he won’t… I wish him happiness and love,” said the young woman.

Andrey Gubin also explained why he could not find happiness in his personal life. The singer frankly admitted that, so far, have not found second half. “That doesn’t meet anyone. Pass year, two, three… And then the sores started was not up to it, and girls still like you. Same as before,” shared the actor.

Choreographer Ksenia Oleshko, who previously worked with the famous artist, told me that the artist has changed little over the years. “He was very grouchy,” recalled a young woman.

As reported by Gubin, he does not complain of a depressed state. “I believe that I have depression and pathological addictions, in addition to love for women,” said by the psychiatrist Jacob Marshak. According to medical professional, many talented people often are suffering from the inherited syndrome of deficiency of satisfaction. Marshak suggested to pass Gubin diagnosis, but the actor refused.

“I gradually lose hearing. And I feel this happiness. I will not listen to this nonsense. Can you imagine, what you can bring to the person that he is, losing hearing, glad that can go deaf?” – told in the final program of the singer.