Andrey Gubin decided to do a DNA test

Андрей Губин решил сделать тест ДНК
The actor decided to find out whether he is the father of 21-year-old Maxim.

Andpa Gubin


Andrey Gubin
decided to do a DNA test, which will clarify the situation to which
riveted everyone’s attention the last few months: is 21-year-old young man named
Maxim, who like two drops of water similar to Gubin, his illegitimate son?

It will happen on the set of “Secret in a million” on the NTV channel, when
the idol of the 90s will give a candid interview with Lera Kudryavtseva. In an interview with TV presenter
the singer will talk about his life after the resounding success and many years
held in oblivion. Gubin will explain why he actually left in the past singing career
and what money he now lives, when not working anywhere. The artist, who had an impressive
army of fans, will remember how painful and scandal to part with their
lovers. Gubin is recognized by all the cheating and for the first time will hear claims from former

We will remind, not so long ago, a purported relative of the actor said: many years ago, he found out from mom that Andrew is his father. The affair between Gubin and his mother allegedly took place during a touring artist. The truth about his dad, the young man learned in the eighth grade. During a family quarrel mother told him that his own father — Gubin. Andrew to the unfolding “drama” treated with humor. He frankly admitted that he had a connection with the fans, but he does not believe in what is father of the man.