Андрей Губин и Юлия Беретта воссоединились The singer met with former lover. Julia told followers on Instagram that Andrew looks great, but her fans came to the opposite conclusion. They suggested that the reunion of the artists associated with the new track.p
Андрей Губин и Юлия Беретта воссоединились

The musical career of Andrey Gubin ended abruptly after the artist began to suffer facial pain caused by disease of the nervous system, he left the stage. However, the idol of the 90s continued to work as a composer. In particular, he has written several hits for Julia Beretta.

The former soloist of group “Hands” long is married to businessman Vladimir Glebov, but this does not prevent fans to put forward hypotheses about her secret relationship with Gubin. Combines the Yulia with the star of the 90s was the occasion for a new wave of rumors.

“Who would not say that, and Andrew, the handsome”, – signed photo with Gubin in his Instagram actress.

The fans of the stars have been quick to point out that the appearance of the singer has changed not for the better. Yulia stood up for a former lover, replying to your subscribers comments. “We all, unfortunately, not getting any younger, and Andrew, by the way, looks good,” said Beretta.

Recall that the close cooperation and Yulia Gubina began in 2005, when the popular singer became the sound producer of the artist. He wrote her the song “Summer” and “Taxi”, which enjoyed great popularity among the audience. At the same time there were rumors about the novel stars. And Beretta, and Andrew denied this information, stressing that they are close friends, but nothing more. However, after several years, the artists admitted that they had an affair.

Andrey Gubin: “Women merge me”

In 2011 Julia was married, and in 2015 became a mother. Since the artists rarely worked together, but fans speculated that touching the old friends — a harbinger of the future joint hit. The artist herself has not commented on the rumors about a possible affair with Gubin and renewal of creative collaboration.

Now the former soloist of group “Arrows” pays special attention to her acting career, not forgetting about writing songs. Andrey Gubin leads a reclusive life, rarely coming to light. Becoming the guest of the program “live” in June 2017, the actor admitted that he never met his soulmate. He has never been married and have not had serious feelings.

Andrey Gubin has declared that it wants to kill

“That doesn’t meet anyone. Pass year, two, three. Then sores began, was not to relationships, but girls still like you. Same as before,” – says the singer.