Андрей Григорьев-Аполлонов показал, в каких условиях жил Олег Яковлев A colleague visited the apartment of a deceased artist. Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov captured on video the dwelling of the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International”. Oleg Yakovlev was not on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev. The artist’s heart stopped. For days doctors struggled for his life. The man was taken to a medical facility with bilateral pneumonia. According to experts, he had pulmonary edema that was the cause of death.

A colleague musician on the team, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov still can’t believe this is happening. The day singer left a touching post on the page in a social network.

The last days of Oleg Yakovlev: memories of loved ones in “Let them talk”

Андрей Григорьев-Аполлонов показал, в каких условиях жил Олег Яковлев“Fly snegirek, your voice and songs in our hearts forever,” wrote Andrew.

In the evening Grigoriev-Apollos visited the apartment of the deceased friend. In the video, which he shared with fans, can be considered, in what conditions there lived a musician. The walls are decorated with paintings, icons, and on the windowsill is a photo. The design of the home is decorated in brown tones. As noted by Andrew, this is all that remains of the Oleg, in addition to music. The apartment Windows overlook the busy quay of Moscow river.

“Spent the whole evening today Olezhka home. The impression is that Oleg is now back from filming and we are waiting for him. Earth poplar fluff him,” wrote Andrew.

Fans can’t believe what happened and leave in the comments the words of condolences to relatives of Yakovlev. “Until now, the news of the death of Aleh seem ridiculous error!”, “We grieve with them. I like the part of your soul taken away. Can’t believe it”, “With Oleg went the whole story. He was able to replace the irreplaceable! He became indispensable,” “Olezhka, you’re the best! Fly! Your songs are always in all hearts,” wrote admirers of “Ivanushki International”.