Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov has commented on the divorce

Андрей Григорьев-Аполлонов прокомментировал развод с женой

The soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonov broke up with Maria Bankova. As it became known, new elect Mary was a 27-year-old basketball player Andrei Zubkov. Andrew himself refutes the various rumors and commented on the divorce!

“Guys, complete nonsense. Do not believe what you write. Know where and with whom walks my wife. And that night she was on the hockey, too. I then toured, and she went to the game together with your children and friends. Marina with no one in the photo is not hugging, not kissing… Why did the conclusion that we broke up? Among athletes, a lot of pals of our family. To divorce no one is going, and her children I will not give anyone!” — shared the singer with the “StarHit”.

The media reported that the couple broke up six months ago, and now Maria lives with a new boyfriend and took the children from the singer — Artemis and Ivan. The breakup was confirmed by a friend of the singer: “Andrei did not differ exemplary behavior. A couple of years ago he was often seen in restaurants with a new pass. Once in “the Teahouse” the amazed audience watched as very similar to the Red-haired male making out with some blonde. What do you want — artist, spoiled fans. It is not surprising that Mary is tired,” said the journalists of the portal insider, asking to leave anonymity.

Andrew and Mary met 2002, when the beloved singer was only 17 years old. Officially legalized relationships Grigoriev-Apollonov and banking in 2008. “She just got back from vacation — tanned, slim, with blond hair. Coming out of the stupor, the only thing I was able to whisper: “Nobody touch!” Fell in love instantly. On the ears,” said the singer in an interview.

24 Mar Masha had a birthday, and social networks, the singer wrote a touching message: “my Love! Exactly half of your life you dedicated to me and our family, and I am infinitely grateful to you!” In fact, your birthday Mary celebrated with her friends at the club without her husband. Andrew also was not at the birthday party of their youngest son at the end of March.

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