Andrey Gidulyan credited with a new novel after a divorce

Андрею Гайдуляну приписывают новый роман после развода Recently actor often seen in the company of colleagues — Alexandra Oleskevich known to a wider audience through participation in the series “Philology”. Andrew Hagolan blossomed beside the girl.
Андрею Гайдуляну приписывают новый роман после развода

34-year-old star of TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya” Andrew Hagolan, seems to have found new love after her divorce from Diana Ochilboy. Recently, the artist regularly goes out with a charming companion — 26-year-old Alexandra, Oleskevich, who played Masha in “Philology”. First, Andrew was with a girl at the film festival in Abkhazia, and then he introduced the friend to the Moscow audience.

Recently Hagolan and Oleskevich appeared at the premiere of the movie “Unforgiven” with Dmitry Nagiyev in the title role. The actors chose democratic casual style of clothing. They took to the red carpet in leather jackets and pants. The alleged lovers are willingly posed for photographers, holding hands. According to fans of Andrew, they look great together. Some have remarked that Hagolan blossomed near Velasevic.

What actually is our relationship Andrew and Alexander, is not known. Artists prefer to refrain from comments about his personal life. However, the emergence of Giulana, Oleskevich on the red carpet journalists regarded as the official presentation of the new lady. In addition to Andrew and Alexandra, the event was attended by Irina Bezrukova, Elena Volatile, Igor Nikolaev and his wife Julia proskurjakova, Vladimir Yaglych, Elena Borschev and many others. Starring Dmitry Nagiev was unable to attend the premiere, as the night was busy on the set of the final show of “the Voice. Children” on the First channel. By the way, the film directed by Sarik Andreasyan will represent Russia at a special pavilion in Cannes.

Recall that Andrew Hagolan twice tried to build a family. In 2006, it consisted in a civil marriage with a former classmate Rima. In this relationship the actor was born the son of Fedor. Since 2011, Andrew has met Diana and Ochilboy, the young people parted, and then converged. The lovers got married in September 2016. At the end of last year Diana and Andrew broke up.

In an interview Hagolan said that did not change Ochilboy. According to the actor, they just decided to leave. Andrew called himself a supporter of family values and noted that he failed to create a family with Diana. Later ochilova ridiculed the ex-husband and made it clear that he doubted his sincerity.