Andrey Danilko has stood up for Julia Samoylova

Андрей Данилко заступился за Юлию Самойлову

Well-known Ukrainian artist Andrey Danilko believes that his country is unjust towards the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova, which the security Service of Ukraine banned entry for three years because of her performances in the Crimea in 2015. Thus the singer confined to a wheelchair, unable to participate in the prestigious international contest “Eurovision”, which will be held this year in Kiev.

Danilko himself was once a participant of the contest, and is now engaged in the selection of the Ukrainian contestants. The actor said that state agencies need to become more human and to make an exception for Samoilova.
“This issue requires a very delicate approach. Specifically, in this case, our government agencies should remove the emotions and make an exception for Julia – contest–international. I think politicians should treat this case from the point of view of humanity, to be more forgiving and kinder,” said Andrew.
According to singer, Julia goes to him with the song, not automatic, and is not a threat. And in the Crimea, she sang for the same as she, disabled people, and nothing wrong with that. sees.
“Yes, he participated at the festival for people with disabilities in the Crimea. But Samoilova in this case, the actor–singer who was invited to speak to the same people as she is,” he says.
Recall that the organizers do not exclude the participation Samoilova remotely.