Андрей Чуев рассказал о сексе с молодой женой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have shared intimate details. Andrey Chuev admitted that for seven months trying with my wife to have a baby, but so far attempts have been unsuccessful pairs.
Андрей Чуев рассказал о сексе с молодой женой

More than a year ago Andrey Chuev married a girl from Donetsk, which turned out to be 17 years younger than him. Despite the fact that many did not believe in marriage, he proved that they have with Victoria it’s serious. Recently former participant of “House-2” told his followers about sex with 19-year-old wife. So, according to men, for seven months the couple is trying to conceive.

In addition, the former reality show participant emotionally expressed her explosive character.

Andrey Chuev married a lady half your age

“Some write that Vick was in the terrible clutches of the evil tyrant that is me, and I mock her. Although only in 2017, we have been at sea for the 2 months of the 6 months of Dating, vacationing in Montenegro, Egypt, Turkey, celebrated the new year in Dubai and legitimized and their relationship. I fully provide for his wife and helped her mother to health, paid for the surgery, required expensive medications. Yes, I’m an emotional person and when I try to “vtyuhat”, yell, because when you speak quietly no one can hear you,” admitted Andrew.

Chuev also admitted that sometimes calls the wife a “daughter.”

“Here I lie with my daughter. I’m fat, and his daughter loves me still. Says I’m good. Daughter I good?”, – asked Andrew to Vick.

In the end, Andrew suggested to my better half to have sex, but that cute smile, refused.

By the way, after leaving the perimeter, Andrey Chuev actively engaged in their health. A few years ago, doctors found he had a ruptured disk. The first surgery not only brought success, but was unsuccessful – the doctors operated on the wrong spine, and in the course of the operation at Chueva began blood poisoning. To save the life of Andrey managed the Israeli doctors. According to rumors, the surgery has been spent around 40 thousand dollars.

“Victoria recently painted me a diet, put on her, but I stayed unfortunately for only two weeks. Chops of dill, a hearty broth made from radish, and salad with sesame sesame are not “rolled”. Just kidding, of course! Clever I have it, I “kishkobludom”. I’m still hungry and angry. Decided to try a different method: eat everything you like, but more exercise!” – shared Chuev with your subscribers.