Андрей Чуев выдвигает жесткие требования к своей семье
More than a year ago a former member of the home electroni of the country Andrey Chuev has tied the knot with a girl from Donetsk who was younger than his 17 years.

Андрей Чуев выдвигает жесткие требования к своей семье

Recently Andrew told me about what he had relations with the mother of his wife. According to Chueva, in their family there is complete Patriarchy, and this one and not against it.

Андрей Чуев выдвигает жесткие требования к своей семье

“After the arrival of mother-in-law received a lot of questions, as I find with it common language? It’s very simple! Proper distribution of responsibilities and the attitude to them, provide an absolute understanding and consensus. In our family there is no dispute on the question: “What, are we a slave with my mother, have to clean all day for you?!”. Because women’s responsibilities for the maintenance of the hearth — is the norm for normal women. In the same way as the norm for men, material support of women, which contain a lesion in the right. Extremely necessary aspect in a good relationship is a clear understanding that Patriarchy is a good thing, and not an attempt to humiliate the woman. For me, the woman degrades herself when first trying to drive the man under the nail, and then drove him down the deep wonders why he does nothing?! In the relationship mother-in-law should be a welcome guest, not a bone in the throat. Then the mother-in-law wants to take care of and often invite guests. Fool the mother-in-law who thinks that her intervention will help in the relationship and mine the gold,” said Chuev.

Andrew admits that his wife is in it, and somehow it helped with the money for the operation Tiffany.

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