Андрей Чуев покинул «Дом-2» The reality show participant decided to withdraw from the project. Andrey Chuev was so nice to meet with her daughter Lisa, who joined him on the platform, asked leave to spend time with the heiress. Some children decided that the man will not return in a reality show.

      Андрей Чуев покинул «Дом-2»

      One of the most memorable to viewers of the project participants Andrey Chuev has made the decision to leave from “Houses-2”. A man announced at the evening meeting at Calvary. He noted that he does not want any relations, and he finally broke up with Marina Africanoboi.

      “I thought a lot, and I decided to leave,” said Chuev other participants of the show. This news stunned the inhabitants of telestroke. However, he later added that he takes a month off, because he wants to be with her daughter Lisa.

      The girl came to her father in “House-2” on Wednesday morning. Andrew played with the heir to the ball and molded mud pies in the sandbox. Chuev admitted that he understood that the most important thing is the children, so he wants to devote himself for some time, the education of Lisa.

      “When I see her genuine love and laughter, I know for what I live. I hope that this month will be a good period to recover their nerves. I’ll come back a different person. I finally interrupt the relationship with Marina,” said Chuev.
      Андрей Чуев покинул «Дом-2»

      The opinions of the participants of the TV show divided. Everyone was so surprised by the care Chueva that the inhabitants of the glade began to Express different assumptions about the true causes of man’s act. According to the guys, wanting to spend time with his daughter is just a nice excuse.

      Some participants of the TV show I believe that by taking the decision to leave the project for a month, he decided to escape punishment for their actions, which he committed on Tuesday. Before the project came to the media. When invited correspondents have appeared on the site, Vlad Kadoni asked participants to move, as the reality show had to be placed. Andrey Chuev refused to obey and got into a scuffle with Sergei Zelinsky. The appearance of journalists at the site of “House-2” has provoked scandal

      A little after, the inhabitants of the “House-2” decided that Andrey Chuev has decided to repeat the course Rustam Solntsev. Ex-member of telestroke then said he left the project only a month, and actually finally said goodbye to the show. According to many guys, Chuev received a beautiful saying about the leave, otherwise it could be a disgrace to expel from the site.

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