Andrey Chuev humiliated offenders wife

Андрей Чуев унизил обидчиков жены Netizens did not appreciate the beauty of the spouse of the stars “House-2” Victoria. Many girls left a negative feedback to the sweetheart Chueva. Andrew rudely replied spiteful critics.
Андрей Чуев унизил обидчиков жены

Andrey Chuev proud of wife Victoria Morozova. Star telestroke often recognized the girl in love, noting that she has not only physical beauty, but also spiritual.

However, with the opinion of not everyone agrees. Many users of Instagram left to address Victoria’s unflattering comments. Chuev retorted Hayter.

“Once again we see that in our country there are many people who fart in the air, and laughing quietly, but when you realize that under her breath, farted, immediately run complain that, well, shit all over the place. So when I post about “beauty is not write posted” with a picture of this “beauty”, immediately complained to Instagram and post deleted”, – said Andrey.
Андрей Чуев унизил обидчиков жены

This Chuev has not calmed down. Some of the girls he literally humiliated to post Instagram.

“Beauty is a loose concept. Each of its halves is beautiful and lovely in their own way. When the girl in the photo calls my wife ugly, but she looks like yesterday’s tat, this is, excuse me, too much. I understand everything, to someone and a Mare the bride, but let’s stay within the framework of objectivity. We do not consider ourselves to be the apogee of beauty, everyone has their own ideals, but my wife Victoria is a very sweet and pretty girl. Gentle and kind look, complemented by iridescent smile and graceful figure. To call her ugly, maybe just the girl who trimmed my bangs a lawn mower,” said Andrew.
Андрей Чуев унизил обидчиков жены

Chuev said that he could not safely react when netizens discuss the exterior Morozova. Therefore, continued insults to the offenders spouse.

“I can’t not pay attention when a girl with a face of the uterus dung beetle about my wife’s eldest! All beautiful, take care of your beauty, and all the “ugly”, like my wife, stay the same “starcheskie”. Will love for inner beauty!” summed up Chuev.

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