Андрей Чуев показал новую избранницу Left the last week of the reality show “Dom-2” party has surprised its fans, laying out in the microblogging multiple pictures with a spectacular blonde. The girl’s name is Christina. Subscribers compared new passion with Marina Chueva Africanoboi, with whom he was together on the project.

      Андрей Чуев показал новую избранницу

      Notorious party “House-2” Andrey Chuev left the project last week. The man explained that he was leaving on vacation for a month to be with her daughter Lisa. Other inhabitants of telestroke believe that he will not return to the reality show. Andrey Chuev left the “House-2”

      To everyone’s surprise, has recently left the Marina Afrikantov Chuev found a new darling. It became a kind of girl Christina. About the changes in his personal life the man reported in his microblog. He posted a selfie together with a striking blonde.

      “Thank you for understand me and make me softer and calmer”, – has signed a frame the participant “Houses-2”.

      The photo was taken during a walk with little Lisa in Gorky Park. It turned out that Christine met Andrew’s daughter. According to him, the child made friends with a cute girl. “Best friend Lisa, always smiling and her smile gives warmth and joy,” said Chuev under the. Caring father every day are chosen with a daughter for a walk in a new and interesting place. Andrew admits that he loves the heiress more than anything.

      “I am eternal love I swear only to you. You know I’m better than anyone on earth. You’re confident you know, let the world collapse under your feet, it’ll be forever fixed “horns”, will break any wall, just close we were” – the line Chuev wrote under the picture in the arms of the heiress.

      Subscribers to the “Instagram” party “House-2” said that Christina is very similar to the Marina Afrikantov, which Andrew broke it off. Earlier, the man explained that he could not stay with the “Africa” because she needed the money. “Everyone wants and ready on the ready! Most of the women talking about love, look in the pocket of your favorite, and if it is not filled enough, to Express their Fi. Not wishing to go with my man from the beginning, together experiencing the moments when you sometimes need to give up luxuries. Much easier to find and remember what man is terrible and he’s not worthy of the most worthy. Not worthy of her expensive manicures, expensive hair extensions and branded clothes, because they are the most important. I’m not the guy that will go over the imaginary virtues,” – said Chuev, when it became known that their relationship with Africanoboi came to an end. With the new girl she feels comfortable, because, according to him, she wasn’t like other women.

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