Андрей Чуев вернулся к семье Party “House-2” happy to reunite with people who were his family. Andrey Chuev admitted that you need to be able to forgive offenses. He posted a touching appeal to the mother-in-law, which they are now together again.

      The star of “House-2” Marina Afrikantov decided on a risky step. The girl went to reconciliation with my ex-fiancé Andrey Chuyev. The businessman is happy that his friend has returned to him, because they share a long-term relationship. Marina and Andrew tried several times to build a family, but until now they never came to the Registrar’s office.

      Meanwhile, the family of Afrikantova has become in recent years for Chueva practically a native. In particular, he finally established a loving relationship with a future mother – in-law Tatyana Vladimirovna. It is worth noting that between relatives often were in conflict moments before they fought and teased each other. Sometimes even so that Andrew brought Tatiana to tantrums, but now the participant “Houses-2” began to be treated tenderly to the mother of his beloved.

      After breaking up with Marina and Andrew had to break contact with Tatiana. However, when the family reunited, the businessman could not resist of positive emotions and has published in his microblog touching post.

      “The ability to forgive and forget the offense brings the result, to remember and to live an offense – only losers. Mother-in-law, my beloved, we are together again! Our family reunion, and no one else will be able to separate us, now everything will be different,” promised Chuev.

      “Well Done Andrew! You got that right. All fixed”, “Wait and see, said the mother of Zhenya Lukashin in the film “s legkim parom!”, “Well Done, Andrei. So I like you!”, Marina well done that we chose Andrew,” he supported Andrei subscribers.

      We will remind, several months ago, the couple ended with a scandal, the wedding was canceled almost at the last moment. After that, Marina had experienced a short affair with the main Lothario of the project Ivan Bursikova. But still the girl went back to ex-lover.

      Marina Afrikantov and Andrey Chuev has a plane to Cyprus

      Beloved gave each other another chance and flew together to Cyprus, where they tried to start life with a clean slate. On the Sunny island couple was not disturbed by the camera, other participants “House-2” and curious spectators. It was there, on the coast, Chuev and Afrikantov finally understood his feelings. “And only your smile is incentive for me infinity days, sorry, love, I made mistakes and the paucity of mired his… Only you got me back, blinking your more beautiful than Paradise a hundred times,” wrote Marina Andrew.

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