Андрей Чуев заставляет избранницу родить A former member of the controversial telestroke no plans to delay the creation of full-fledged families with young lover Victoria. He told the followers that in the moment is actively working on it, and the material base is already there.

A former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Andrei Chuev already a few months Dating a 19-year-old Victoria. In July, young brunette he met with the most close to the reality star person – his grandmother. “Today officially introduced the Granny with Vic! Approved, said not to beat. Today in my grandmother’s boarding house in valuyevo was a performance violinist, said, “Nicely played, parasite”, – says the man in one of social networks. Now lovers are going to take the next step to formalize their relationship. According to Andrew, he just decided that he wants children from a hot brunette.

“Movement is life! My Victoria move towards the creation of a full family! Prepare, so to say, to my son. Some friends have ponencia and just decided – it’s time!” – open up Chuev subscribers.

He’s absolutely certain he can provide the kid and wife. Business takes a lot of time and effort, but difficulties he was not afraid. “I live in Naro-Fominsk, five apartments there, for the first time will suffice. A lot of work, don’t even really have time to page. Yes, not without trouble, of course, not everything is smooth and sweet, but this is the life! I wish all of you, not afraid of difficulties, and to solve them as income,” explained a former member of the reality show.

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Most fans of star telestroke support his choice and say that he and Victoria made a cute couple. But there were those who criticized the choice of Andrew. The reason for this was a large age difference – fiancee is old enough to be his daughter. Beloved Chueva not paying any attention to it and says that their relationship is built on trust, and guys almost never fight. “To be his girlfriend, I have to earn it. I think to send him on all four sides, but he forbids me to do it. Although, frankly, “daddy” (as he calls himself) I like it. I have never had any pages in social networks, “daddy” said we will conduct one to two. Now my posts will appear here until I learn to my page”, – she wrote in his microblog.