Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом The reality star passed a DNA test. Andrey Chuev suspected that she and dad are not blood relatives, as they are not similar in appearance. Moreover, now the man wants to get from his son with financial assistance.
Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом

Host of “actually” Dmitry Shepelev again decided to sort out the difficult fate of a former participant of “House-2” Andrey Chueva. This time the man said that the father is not native. One of the grounds for this opinion, he said, is that they are not similar in appearance. Andrew agreed to a DNA test to prove the lack of relationships with Alexander Vasilyevich.

The reality star told the horrific details of life with the man who raised him in his childhood. Andrew remembered that Alexander drank heavily, beat his wife, and raised a hand to the child. Once Chuev, Jr. spent the night with mom, and woke up to the fact that dad gave him a hunting rifle. It seemed to the man that his wife is cheating on him with another.

However, Chuyev at the age of 13, avenged dad. He told the terrible story of the manifestations of their aggression.

“I dragged him to the shower. He fell, broke the glass. Leg pressed my neck and said that if he didn’t leave, I’ll beat until until you crawl. After that, he Packed up and left,” said Andrew.
Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом

Chuev said that she loves grandma and grandpa, parents of the father who, in his opinion, engaged in his education. Later I found out that Alexander wants to get financial help from my son. The man stated leading software and expert, he takes part in a talk show to pick up five thousand. Guests in the Studio have come to believe that parents do have the right to claim maintenance from their children.

However, Andrew does not mind the money, but to help dad become. He just calculated how much per month is spent on beloved grandmother Olga Petrovna.

Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом“I care about his mother in the boarding house I pay 68 thousand a month, she’s like a Queen, she has a personal psychologist, massage therapists, plus eight thousand for the Goodies. Total somewhere 77 thousand a month for their beloved grandmother. After a stroke I took her to the boarding house, where he gave six and a half thousand rubles a day, to have her stand up on her feet. It cost me 200 thousand, but I would give any money, how much! Apologize, before me, stand up, then give money. Well then fuck you!” – addressed to Alexander Chuev.
Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом

Andrew also stressed that he and grandmother of two five bedroom apartments. He pointed out that the house where the father lives with another woman, decorated on mother of his father. Shepelev was delighted that the reality star is very worried about an elderly relative. When she entered the Studio, Dmitri chided Alexander that he did not come to hug and help my mom.

Andrey Chuev had introduced her to grandma

Андрей Чуев открестился от родства с отцом

The father said that he would not apologize to my son. The host announced that the DNA results showed 99% matching biomaterial Andrew and Alexander Vasilyevich.

“Thank you father, that you made me strong,” concluded the former participant of a reality show.

Throughout the program Dmitry Shepelev did not hide that supports it Andrew. He admitted that this episode showed the character from a completely different side. “I didn’t think Chuev may cause sympathy. Today’s program changed my point of view,” – with these words the host has finished the current show.