Андрей Чуев раскритиковал отношения с тещей Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has shared details of family life. Andrey Chuev admitted that in their family Patriarchy reigns — he firmly assign responsibilities in the home. According to him, relatives pleased with army regulations.
Андрей Чуев раскритиковал отношения с тещей

Over a year ago, 38-summer Andrey Chuev married a girl from Donetsk, which turned out to be 17 years younger than him. Despite the fact that many did not believe the Union ex-reality show participant failed to prove that the new family he is doing great.

Andrew have a good relationship even with the mother of the young wife. However, Chuyev says that both women unquestioningly obey his rules. As admitted by the hero of “House-2”, the family reigns absolute Patriarchy.

Андрей Чуев раскритиковал отношения с тещей“After the arrival of mother-in-law received a lot of questions, as I find with it common language? It’s very simple! Proper distribution of responsibilities and the attitude to them, provide an absolute understanding and consensus. In our family there is no dispute on the question: “What, are we a slave with my mother, have to clean all day for you?!”. Because women’s responsibilities for the maintenance of the hearth — is the norm for normal women. In the same way as the norm for men, material support of women, which contain a lesion in the right. Extremely necessary aspect in a good relationship is a clear understanding that Patriarchy is a good thing, and not an attempt to humiliate the woman. For me, the woman degrades herself when first trying to drive the man under the nail, and then drove him down the deep wonders why he does nothing?! In the relationship mother-in-law should be a welcome guest, not a bone in the throat. Then the mother-in-law wants to take care of and often invite guests. Fool the mother-in-law who thinks that her intervention will help in the relationship and mine the gold,” said Andrew.

Andrew admitted that fully provides 20-year-old wife. Chuev also helped the mother-in health — for example, paid for the surgery to the woman to buy the necessary expensive medications.

Ex-member of the TV show had mentioned that it sometimes feels a noticeable difference in age between him and his wife. So he calls Victoria, “a daughter.” The girl, in turn, decided to thoroughly take up the spouse. The girl put Chueva on a strict diet that he needs. A few years ago, they found Andrew’s serious health problems — intervertebral hernia. The first operation not only did not bring success, but was extremely unfortunate. Doctors operated on the wrong spinal, complications – blood infection. Only Israeli doctors were able to save his life. And the cost is rumored to be about 40 thousand dollars.

“Victoria recently painted me a diet, put on her, but I stayed unfortunately for only two weeks. Chops of dill, a hearty broth made from radish, and salad with sesame sesame are not “rolled”. Just kidding, of course! Clever I have it, I “kishkobludom”. I’m still hungry and angry. Decided to try a different method: eat everything you like, but more exercise!” — told Chuev.