Andrey Chernyshov years hiding beloved one

Андрей Чернышов годами скрывает возлюбленную The star of the show “Margarita Nazarova” had previously stated that more than ten years, he’s single. However, the man romantically involved with actress Maria Dobrinski. To advertise this novel Chernyshov does not want and asks her to be silent.

      Андрей Чернышов годами скрывает возлюбленную

      The actor for more than ten years is the status of bachelor. Among his former lovers actress Anna Snatkina, Anastasia Tsvetaeva, Svetlana Khodchenkova. A couple of months ago, 43-year-old Chernyshov admitted to “StarHit” that the status of the bachelor weighs on him: “I am not happy that I have no wife. And it’s not even that I have to iron a shirt is not a problem. Much more me upset that I can’t find a close-minded person…”

      But as it turned out, for many years the heart Chernyshova busy. Andrew carefully hides relationship with 32-year-old actress Maria Dobrinski.

      “They met in the theater, – says Elena, a friend of the couple. The last eight years living together. Masha wants to marry, wants to become a mother. My friends and tortured her with questions, when is the wedding, we believe that it is necessary to make Chernyshova suggestions. But he answers her that the role of men makes it more attractive for fans and adds to the popularity. She madly loves him and suffers because of this situation… All who know them, say that in this pair loves Mary, and Andrew allows himself to love”.

      Chernyshov and Dobrzynska play together in the play “Love Mondays” on the stage of Central house of writers. But at work, Andrew asks Mary not to show feelings for him, stressing that their romance is better not to advertise.

      By the way, the actor is well able to maintain the image of a free man. Chernyshov is considered one of the most eligible bachelors of show business. Many well-known what a touching relationship with his family. The artist has repeatedly stated that the grandmother waiting for a long time, and when he married, and he, in turn, strongly gives her to understand that cannot link their fate with the woman to order. Apparently, native Andrew did not know that for several years now his heart is occupied. He’s probably not ready to say goodbye to the current status, despite the entreaties of loved ones.