Andrey Chernyshov married to fiancee in Greece

Андрей Чернышов обвенчался с избранницей в Греции The actor and his sweetheart went to the altar. According to Andrei Chernyshov, the ceremony was attended by their parents. The man claims that long tried to persuade Mary Dobrinsky to marry.
Андрей Чернышов обвенчался с избранницей в Греции

Actor Andrey Chernyshov and his wife Maria Dobrinskaya married in the beginning of this year, however, the pair did not advertise the change of marital status. About the wedding the stars of the theatre “StarHit” reported in February this year. Recently, the husband and wife gave a joint interview in which has told about the fact that he managed to get married in the presence of those closest to you.

The ceremony was held in Greece. As said Chernyshov, they invited parents. Then the couple went on a honeymoon trip to Cuba. On returning home the couple had planned a Banquet, but the constant moving and shooting prevented them from implementing the idea. The couple still want to celebrate your wedding.

“I have so long tried to persuade Mary to marry me because I had tarnished the reputation of womanizer. And it took time to believe that with me you can deal with… But seriously, we with Masha were in no hurry, because I always wanted to marry “once and forever” as our parents who lived all his life in perfect harmony…” – said Chernyshov.

Andrey’s wife decided not to change the name. “I’d like”, – said Maria. According to the lady, her husband loved her name, but by profession he took no chances. Dobrinski really had to deal with some of the personality traits of the beloved. The couple even worked together on one of the projects both involved in the play “Love Mondays”.

Recall that the pair met in the theatre and spent about ten years in a civil marriage. Maria waited patiently for her beloved “Mature” and make an offer hands and hearts. Andrew didn’t want to publicize a relationship with a girl, so many journalists have called it an eligible bachelor in an interview. Only the sixth of January this year they went to the registry office. Andrey Chernyshov married fiancée after 10 years of relationship

“All we did it spontaneously, as we looked at their schedules when we agreed, I am persuaded Dasha to finally give up”, – said Chernyshov with journalists of the edition “7 days”.

Friends of the pair are happy for them, although I believe that Mary reverently refers to her husband than he to her. “She’s madly in love with him… All who know them, say that in this pair loves Mary, and Andrew allows himself to love”, – told pals Dobrinski.