Андрей Чернышов женился на избраннице спустя 10 лет отношений The artist decided to create a family. Earlier Andrey Chernyshov said that he is not ready to take this step, and the people around him thought that it was unlikely to ever happen. However, the actor and his girlfriend said “I do”.

      Андрей Чернышов женился на избраннице спустя 10 лет отношений

      A few weeks ago, yet another eligible bachelor in the domestic film industry has become smaller. The star of the show “Margarita Nazarova”, 43-summer Andrey Chernyshov finally legalized relationship with his beloved – a 32-year-old actress Maria Dobrinski. They met almost ten years ago in the theater, the last eight lived together, but to the Registrar, to the bewilderment of friends and family, why not in a hurry. The fact that Chernyshov liked to keep for fans image of free man that, in his opinion, and even added to his popularity.

      In an interview with “StarHit” Andrei admitted that the status of the bachelor weighs on him, but he supposedly has never met a close-minded person. Mary passionately wanted to get married, suffered from this whole situation and patiently waited for her chosen one will bother to “play” in a secret civil marriage.

      Even in theatre, where both involved in the play “Love Mondays”, Andrew asked the girl not to show your feelings to him and not to advertise thus to their novel. And it waited. Friends of the actors told the “StarHit” that a couple of months ago Andrew made Dobrzynski offer.

      Андрей Чернышов женился на избраннице спустя 10 лет отношений“Masha just last week before one of the rehearsals brought us a joy that they are with the beloved man finally got married and are now officially husband and wife, says “StarHit” Olga Lee, who along with Mary is in the theater “Commonwealth Taganka actors”. – She looked very happy, just lit up, and we’re really happy for her, of course, everyone congratulated her!”

      However,at the wedding of one of my colleagues Chernyshov and Dobrzynski not walked – well, this event he decided to leave the public behind the scenes. Rumor has it that the plans of Andrew and Mary also have a wedding. After living together for such a long period of time, the lovers realized that they are ready for this sacrament.