Андрей Чернышов признался в вынужденной разлуке с женой The famous actor shared, as is his life with his wife. Between Chernyshov and his beloved Mary sometimes conflicts arise. However, they are able to resolve issues quickly, as they “speak the same language”.
Андрей Чернышов признался в вынужденной разлуке с женой

Andrey Chernyshov married Mary Dobrzynski in April 2017. Before that, the couple dated for a few years, but the actor was in no hurry to part with single status. She also works as an actress, so they rarely get to spend a lot of time together. Despite the fact that they are colleagues, sometimes between them there are conflicts.

“The debates we have, of course, but we’re talking about the same thing, the same language, and I think it’s all very easy. Because a person of another profession is not all the nuances can be understood,” says Andrew.

According to him, because of the constant travelling he must leave the spouse alone. However, she is not offended and completely understand the situation.

“Mary engaged in the same profession as me. She understands that separation can be forced, so we’re fine in this regard”, – said Andrey.

Chernyshov – sufficient independent man. As recognized actor, he even knows how to cook. “Suddenly I woke up this talent, I would say. I’ve lived alone, and there was probably some kind of bachelor need to do it. First tried to cook simple dishes, then started to add something — it turned out delicious. I continued to experiment, I began to wonder,” shared the star of the show “Girls, don’t give up.”

In the film, which now goes on channel STS, he played a pilot. Himself the actor would never have behaved like his character. “I personally sympathize with his character because he lost his way. Having a wife and children, he at some point must have forgotten about the vows and promises that must be kept. So it became a little bit to look around. And if at first everything passed with impunity, in some point in life gave him on the head. In search of the next light he truly fell in love and were faced with a very serious choice: have a family, a responsibility from which he cannot refuse, but there are feelings that are also important. It is served in a comedic way, so I would like the spectator, on the one hand, laughed about it, and wonder” – shared Andrew.

Communicating with WomanHit, Blackburn admitted that the wife of one of those moments when he predstaet on the screen in the role of hero-lover. “Kissing on screen or on stage — quite different than the kisses in life, you know? When a bunch of people standing around you, above you, the operator and Director. And if you have to play murder? If I, for example, someone is killed in the movie, it’s not for real! It’s all part of the role,” said Andrew.