Andrey Cherkasov announced the search for a wife

Андрей Черкасов объявил о поиске жены Party “House-2” told about the ideal companion. Andrey Cherkasov dreams of the woman who would be a good housekeeper without bad habits.

      Андрей Черкасов объявил о поиске жены

      One of the most interesting participants “House-2” Andrei Cherkasov recently broke up with his companion Victoria romanet. Couple for long time tried to create a family. Guys planning a wedding, discussing what it will be. However, to build love Andrew and Vika and failed. Now the young man special demands to my future girlfriend. He has a very specific idea about what should be the ideal woman.

      “Loyalty, love of sport and the presence of the elastic bottoms simply required, don’t even come near me without it. I play sports and in his thirty-four give odds to all twenty of the jerks who are with us on the project, – says Cherkasov. – Thrift. I, going to work, you must be sure that my children crawl on a clean floor, and when they want to eat, they are given tasty and healthy food”.

      The star of “House-2″ believes that his future love must have an outstanding sense of humor. Meanwhile, it is necessary that she had high moral principles, otherwise the relationship will be purely sexual in nature. And, of course, Andrew will not tolerate the lady with bad habits.”I don’t smoke, don’t drink, and it’s important to me,” says a young man in an interview with the magazine “the House-2”.

      And while the second half is not, Andrew has continued to communicate with his ex-girlfriend Victoria romanet. In recognition Cherkasova, their relations are of a friendly character.

      “We support Victoria and each other. We are often invited to events together. And we can having fun together to relax. I sincerely care for her until she injured a leg and I know she did the same . And all of this will be up until someone of us will find a soul mate. And that’s the way to communicate with people after breaking up, it’s better than that mud, anger, resentment and reproaches that show the other guys. Good for You”, says its current relationship with Victoria romanet, the participant “House-2”.

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