Andrey Chadov noted 37th birthday

Андрей Чадов отметил 37-летие
The actor has frankly told about her life.

Andrey Chadov

Today Andrew Chadova was 37. In honor of your day
born actor decided to tell what he is feeling and what conclusions did you draw from
my life.

“A lot or a little, I don’t know — the actor smiles. I feel
this is only the beginning! Get a thrill from internal growth, years of experience,
lived difficult moments, and I hope correctly made from their conclusions.
Used to believe that people don’t change. Change. Maybe not in everything, of course,
but the views, worldview and so on, of course. Judge for yourself. This
age, learned important, I think, the quality is not to judge any people,
nor their actions.

Because we all want to be loved and happy, all without
exceptions. And on this road to happiness, sometimes we break such fire wood! From ignorance, from
weakness, from cowardice, from sadness, and sometimes despair… And I am no exception.
But, thank God, there is a “formula” for happiness ! And it would seem simple.
First, being happy is a choice, and secondly — you do not need to deal with
people as don’t want them to do to you”! Who would not say,
a boomerang works… Well, clever enough! Love to all and thank you for
congratulations which have from 0:01 hours. It is very nice, of course.
Love you!”

The revelation of the actor in his personal microblog was perceived
fans with great warmth and sympathy. The actor wished a new bright role
health, happiness and, of course, harmony in personal life. The portal to join to the wishes.