Андрей Чадов купил свою первую квартиру в Москве
The actor is happy that he fulfilled his old dream.

Alexei Chadov

Photo: Instagram

Andrey Chadov, who, along with brother Alex
born and raised in the Solntsevo district in the South of Moscow, bought the first, his own
apartment in the capital. Premium-class apartments with an area of 120 sq. m. on
The new Riga, popular among Russian celebrities.

“This is the first square meter, which belong to
me — not hide the joy Andrew. — Before housing was removed. Incredibly happy
acquisition. So everything was perfect, appealed to the designer. Want
the interior in the style of hi-tech. I love it when the house is dominated by minimalism, large
the amount of detail irritating.”

Until 2018, Andrew lived in rented apartments. When
appeared the financial ability to buy their own homes, he carefully studied
many of the proposals before choosing the current option.

“Now there is in full swing repair. Yet
he was ready ceiling and whitewashed walls. In the near future will flooring. Plan
make it of wood, put a thick layer of oak that was
nice legs. And definitely heated. I think this will appeal to my
the dog — Sadiku. However, mom says it’s Wolfy, because he is constantly
is in motion and runs a lot. And Chadic — a nickname from my childhood, I
previously, so-called. With pet we are alike,” — said the actor of “Old Heath”.