Andrey burkovsky teaches children to save

Андрей Бурковский приучает детей к экономии A famous actor has a son and daughter in severity. The artist together with his wife Olga and Maxim taught Alice to sports and autonomy. A former KVN-crate all the free time devoted to raising children.
Андрей Бурковский приучает детей к экономии

Andrey burkovsky with his wife Olga and has two children, son Maxim Scarecrow and youngest daughter Alice. Former kvnschik admitted, if the kids want to choose the profession of artist, they would have to start it to prove that they are ready to become real actors.

Андрей Бурковский приучает детей к экономии“If the child wants to go in this area, he will have us with Olga to prove that he is indeed to be work ready. Here in my childhood as it was. I wanted hockey to go, but you had to buy expensive form. Then the father said to me, “If you prove that you really want to do, then the form I’ll try.” And I proved it. Want Alice with max also knew how to stand his ground,” – said the actor.

Star KVN wants to have a son and daughter had everything for a happy childhood. According to the Bourkovski, Maxim and Alice should get a good education, and to perceive reality. The actor with his wife arrived in the capital from Siberia and had to work for themselves.

Андрей Бурковский приучает детей к экономии“A native Muscovite from the visitor, in fact, very different. Having made the decision to move to Moscow, people from the province does something incredible. And the people who live in the capital since birth, is half the battle, consider it done. So we with Olga want our children to appreciate what they have,” said Andrew.

Actor’s wife Olga added that talking with children as equals. “And, to make it clearer, here is an example. I can say: “Here we are now so much in store that could for the same amount to buy a big set of “LEGO”. Then to better reach them, they begin some of our spending to rethink,” said the artist’s wife.

Burkovsky tries to spend time with children and wife. If he is not at home, then get in touch with family through video application.

“I always worry about being separated from Alice and max. Communicate with children mainly for Facetime. When I come home, all my free time is spent with them. Repeatedly heard, as the heirs of famous artists say, “I always wished dad was home and he was busy.” It’s sad, I for their children do not want” – said burkovsky.

According to the couple, friends older maxima I believe Andrew his idol. And the son of a famous father refers to my father’s glory, safely, as well as the youngest daughter Alice. “Sometimes, I call out, “Kids, come and watch dad on TV!”, and they will take a minute to sit at the screen and run away with the words: “Mom, we have our own business,” shared Olga.

Andrei and Olga Burkovska admitted portal that do not like to attend social events. The couple prefer quiet evenings with the children.