Андрей Бедняков и Настя Короткая празднуют бумажную свадьбу
The stars of “heads and Tails” celebrate an important family event.

Andrey Bednyakov and Nastya Korotkaya

Photo: personal archive presenters

The most fun
leading the famous show “heads and Tails”, 29-year-old Andrey Bednyakov and 30-year-old
Nastya is Short, celebrate paper wedding: so the people called the two-year
the day of official marriage. The stars of “Friday!” willing to accept
congratulations on not round, but, of course, an important date in their personal lives. But
here are her details Andrey and Nastya is still not divided.

It is known that in November 2015, the Poor and Short
are the parents in one of the American clinics was born.
Of course, they don’t share his photographs: Andrey and Nastya, which produce
the impression of a couple who lives in the “soul wide open”, I believe that the birth
the child is their own and inviolable.

Recall, the stars of “eagle and Tails” officially began
husband and wife on August 30, 2014. “Well, friends, it happened! Favorite
leading Andrey Bednyakov and Nastya Korotkaya got married! Frankly, we
waited for this day no less than fans of the “eagle and Tails” and secretly watched
updates the pair in Instagram. We congratulate Andrey and Nastya with it
wonderful event and wish them love, happiness and lots of young travelers
and travelers!” — a message then appeared on the channel’s website

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