Андрей Аршавин встретился со своими детьми впервые за два года Player found time for personal communication with his sons and daughter. According to the lawyer of Andrei Arshavin, the situation has changed for the better: the athlete often call heirs. However, the distance does not allow to meet more often with children, as Andrew now lives and works in Kazakhstan.

      Андрей Аршавин встретился со своими детьми впервые за два года

      In the spring of 2016 athlete is in favour of Kazakhstan Kairat ” and lives in Alma-ATA together with the civil wife Alice Catimini he rents a spacious apartment in a prestigious residential complex, and his annual salary is about a million dollars. More than 2.5 years Arshavin, changing one football club to another, not seen in children from the TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya – 10-year-old Tom, 8-year-old Yana and Arseny, who on August 14 was four.

      Andrey Arshavin had built the family nest in Kazakhstan

      However, recently the situation has moved from a dead point during one of his visits to Moscow player, finally found a time in personal communication with his sons and daughter. Arshavin brought gifts, carried out with the guys a few hours in the Park.

      “Andriy has always been a good father, – has shared with “StarHit” his lawyer Pavel Voloshin. For example, he can afford to retire, just go and do nothing else. But he continues to go on the field, including in order to earn money, half of which regularly pays child support. Lately their relationship has really been some changes for the better. They communicate, and, as far as I know, not only on the phone. Unfortunately, the father and children now living in different countries, so I often visit them Andrew S. just does not have the opportunity.”

      Even before the call was for young of Arshavina a welcome gift. Now Artem, Yana and Arseniy hope to be able to see dad regularly, when he will fly to Moscow. “I talked with Julia this issue – the reluctance to participate in the education of sons and daughters, – commented on the “StarHit” the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. One appointment, financial aid is not what kids need. I hope he understands it.

      By the way, before Arshavin has paid all the debts for alimony Bauska civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya. The amount was about 8 million rubles. In summer, Andrei for the first time allowed the mother of his children to travel with her abroad, signing a particular document. Baranovskaya with the heirs called for Sunny Spain, where Arsenius, Artem and Yana was able to ride the rides in the Park “Port Aventura” and take part in the marathon.

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