Андрей Аршавин возмущен обвинениями в адрес жены Famous football player commented on the situation, which turned out to be his wife. The scandal with the model Olga Semenova, Andrey Arshavin took the side of Alice. According to the athlete, his chosen one could purposely slander.
Андрей Аршавин возмущен обвинениями в адрес жены

Wife of Andrei Arshavin was in the center of the scandal. Statement Alice wrote a model from Kazakhstan Olga Semenova, who accused her of improper behaviour – threats and blackmail. Says the wife of a famous football player, it brought a criminal case on “three heavy articles.” Until the court case has not yet reached, the situation dealt with law enforcement officers. According to Alice, Olga wants to attract attention due to the resonance of the story.

Wife Arshavin opened a criminal case under three articles of the

Journalists contacted Andrey Arshavin commented the scandal erupted. According to the footballer, the accusations against his wife are false. The athlete also stood up for the spouse. According to Andrew, Alice could hardly break the law.

“My wife has always been a good citizen, and I don’t understand why it can pursue, especially a criminal case. According to her lawyer, A. V., the law of this article even there, two of which are trying to attract the ears of Alice on the statement in office of public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan”, – said the football player with reporters.

Andrey Arshavin is going to do everything that depends on it, in order to protect his wife from “provocations”. Player help his wife in legal terms.

“I’m ready to make maximum efforts in the legal field, but I think that thing is rigged and should be stopped as it is a provocation. This, of course, does not justify my behavior in the video in the restaurant”, – said the athlete.

At resonance the video that appeared on social networks, Andrey Arshavin is featured in one of the institutions of Kazakhstan in the company of Olga Semenova. Athlete hugs the girl’s waist. According to the model, the player himself provided her attentions, and did not resist the shot. Semenov also said that he did not know how the video appeared in the Internet. According to Olga, she kept a record on the cloud, which means that cyber criminals could hack into her account and publish files.

After the video with Arshavin and Semenova spread through social networks, the girl started to receive threats. Olga says that the player’s wife wrote to her message, accusing them of attempts to find a sponsor and a rich lover. According to the model, these allegations are not true, since she 14 years old she makes a living with the help of surveys and other projects.

Andrey Arshavin’s sorry for how he behaved with Olga Semenova. In a recent interview with Russia Today, the player once again apologized to loved ones for the inconvenience caused to them.