Андрей Гайдулян закрутил новый роман после развода Last fall, Andrew Hagolan announced that divorces his wife who helped him defeat cancer. And after only a few months have become an actor seen in the company of the actress Chekhov Moscow art theater by Alexandra Oleskevich. First not willing to comment on the personal life of the artist finally admitted to Sasha he is really happy.
Андрей Гайдулян закрутил новый роман после развода

Rumors about a new relationship Andrew Giulana went a long time – 34-year-old actor, who won a cancer, even appeared with passion at the premiere of “Unforgiven”, but then refused to comment on the affair.

Now Andrew decided on a Frank admission: he’s really in love and happy. According to the star, his fiancee, 26-year-old Alexander, Oleskevich, not only has a spectacular appearance, but also the perfect character.

“Sasha is amazing. Frankly, it is none of their girls so long sought. She and I hooked — its inaccessibility. We had a long chat as friends, I’ve been courted. And she literally destroyed his sense of humor. And then I’m her! Oh, and most importantly, when I found out Sasha closer, we saw that she is very kind and smart man. And she has gorgeous legs,” he boasted Hagolan.
Андрей Гайдулян закрутил новый роман после развода

The actor does not hide that she had saved him from boredom. Thanks to a new mistress, he managed not to fall into depression after a painful divorce from Diana Ochilboy, which he had not only six years, but a long struggle with cancer.

Andrew admits that the divorce was hard, and he was trying to save the relationship, even knowing their doom.

“To leave was entirely my decision, for which I took responsibility. Pay for it also I will. I, as a religious man, hard was the decision to divorce. Who told you that I wasn’t trying to save the marriage? This is very difficult to talk to and very easy to judge from the outside. Now I fully realized what it means to not judge others. Because we can never know for sure what happened in the family between two people”, — said Andrey.

Anyway, now the artist feels absolutely happy. He works a lot, and the shooting took place in Russia, and the United States. Despite his busy schedule, Hagolan tries to pay maximum attention to the beloved. Fortunately, as a creative person, Alexandra understands how important Andrew self-actualization in the profession, therefore, is not trying to limit it.

In conversation with the magazine “7 days” Andrew said that he was happy to be in this segment of his own life. Apparently, 26-year-old fiancee were still able to make an actor happy, and now fans are waiting for another beautiful wedding.