Андрей Гайдулян истязает себя диетами The actor revealed the secret of her toned body. According to Andrew Giulana, he tried several options before you realize that it is more appropriate and helps to lose weight.
Андрей Гайдулян истязает себя диетами

Andrew Hagolan, remembered by the audience for the TV series “Univer”, now works in the USA and in Russia. Fans of the actor has noticed changes in his appearance: he lost weight, started going to ballet and changed the hairstyle. Many associate this artist’s work on himself that after his divorce from Diana Ochilboy he decided to become even better.

“This year has been a very decisive, there were a lot of changes — from small to global. I now come to grips with their appearance, so all my free time trying to pay the sport. I try different sports, learn about new trends in fitness, not just go to the gym, it’s boring. I am often in Los Angeles, and I have a personal trainer who worked on me and my attitude to the body. I recently enrolled in a ballet school in Moscow! In acting school there is a discipline, a classical machine, but in the years of study I treated this lightly, as a kind of obligation. Much later I realized that it is necessary to the actor. I have long wanted to start and finally found a school close to home. Of course, most of my group are girls, but I was with them, standing at a machine and perform these “plies”, “demi plié”, “tendu Batman” and “Grand batmany”. In addition to aesthetic, spiritual education, there are bodily use: it is super effective for those who want to lose weight!” – said Andrew.

According to star cinema, he also keeps up with food and sometimes sitting on a diet.

“A few months ago sat on a protein only ate meat and fish. Then came the post I first passed. I used all the time was doing myself a favor in this regard, but this year kept it with great pleasure and joy met the Bright Easter. Now I’m trying to eat less meat. Not going to become a vegetarian, but I try what I can fit,” said Andrew.

During his stay in America Hagolan makes useful to him when, visiting festivals and more trying to speak English. According to him, he even has a teacher who helps to get rid of accent. “I decided I rather not have holiday on the sea, for example, in Thailand or somewhere else and fly in Sunny Los Angeles, where they will spend time not only relaxing, but also gaining valuable skills for themselves,” shared Andrew.

Hagolan recently opened his own pizzeria. He plans to develop the restaurant business. The actor admits that even tasted varieties. “I sometimes allow myself everything! I eat and taste the pizza, which did not prevent me to lose ten pounds! If the pizza is made from well and good ingredients, no palm oil, for example, and so on, the harm figure, she will not cause”, – said the actor in an interview WomanHit.ru.