Andrew Hagolan told about the despair into which he fell

Андрей Гайдулян поведал об отчаянии, в которое он впал
Last year was difficult for the actor Andrew Giulana, loved by the viewers after starring in the TV series “SASHATANYA”, he overcame cancer.

Андрей Гайдулян поведал об отчаянии, в которое он впал

Though he had for a long time to be absent from work, but nevertheless, the actor is glad about him not forgotten. Andrew remembered the time when suffered from unemployment, and then just depressed.

“In 2011 or 2012, when I finished acting in “the University”, and the series “I” haven’t started, a year spent with virtually no work. Casting repeatedly over a breakup, so walking on them is sick, there is apathy. I played in the theater, but it happened not so often, and earnings sufficed for a short while. I spent that year, mostly lying on the couch. Lay and watched the series in English. Did not admit, but now I understand that I had some desperation,” admitted Hagolan.

The man believes that in his life there was a time when it worked and the postman, and the fitter, the main thing not to sit idle.

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