Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости For several months thousands of people support an actor. “StarHit” remembered how Andrew Hagolan and his family are going through a difficult period.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      At the end of may this year, the star of TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya”, 31-year-old Andrew Hagolan all over the country said that in September, plans to get married with his lover Diana Ochilboy, the master on escalating of nails. By the time young people who met in the club at the birthday party of a mutual friend – actor Vitaly Giganskogo, met for three years.

      Offer Andrew did to Diana last year, during a romantic walk on a gondola in Venice. The organization of the wedding the lovers are approached responsibly and with creativity. The ceremony was supposed to be mysterious and chamber: there is no Bridal gowns and wedding classic ideas about the wedding. But, unfortunately, it did not take place.

      Bad news

      At the end of July because of feeling bad Andrew couldn’t come to the festival Comedy Club in Sochi. The symptoms of the disease came much earlier. But initially the actor has blamed his troubled cough and swelling in the neck on a cold and weakness on a tight schedule. And later he suddenly had difficulty breathing, and have problems with speech. Needed urgent medical intervention, and the actor was hospitalized in the Metropolitan Oncology center named after Blokhin Kashirskoye.

      Andrew Hagolan happy to be home after a long treatment

      Andrew Hagolan urgently returned to treatment in Europe

      Andrew Hagolan met Catholic Christmas bride

      “Andrew and could not think that this is serious, – has told “StarHit” on the set “I”. He was admitted to the hospital two years ago. He lost weight for the role, wasn’t eating, was very tired. In the end, drank some Gatorade, and was taken away by ambulance.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      Doctors immediately suspected a tumor of the lymphatic system and made a histological analysis. Ten days later, he was to determine the presence of cancers in the body. While Andrew was recovering after the operation, with him literally around the clock was his beloved Diana. With the permission of the chief physician, she even designed the badge allowing to visit the patient in the allotted hours. Diana met friends who came to visit the artist, and are constantly buying necessary medicines. And when the doctors were allowed Andrei to leave the hospital, drove it for a few hours, and sometimes for the whole day home, for a change of scenery.

      Fans, friends and family – all expressed hope for a positive outcome. But together with the results of histological studies have come and it is not comforting news: Andrei malignant tumor, he was diagnosed with lymphoma of the mediastinum to the second stage. But after the diagnosis, doctors immediately encouraged: this kind of tumor, especially in the early stages, responds well to the effects of drugs. Do not panic.

      “The mediastinum – the space in the middle section of the chest cavity, commented “StarHit” doctor of medical Sciences, oncologist, European medical center Paul Koposov. – A disease common in young people. Lymphoma of the mediastinum is manifested by pain in the chest, coughing. Treated with chemotherapy”.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      For help in Europe

      How many courses of chemotherapy had to go to Andrew, was not known. But it was the last month of summer, it was almost September, and hence the date of the wedding. The main event in the lives of lovers, of course, was postponed indefinitely.

      “Andrew and Diana planned to get married in September – shared with “StarHit” the Director of the actor. – They’ve nearly finished the repairs in the apartment. Wanted to do everything, but now I can say that the wedding is off”.

      And shooting a new season of “I”, of course, was also suspended. Valentina Rubtsova, partner Andrew on the sitcom, was very worried about the other. “For us it is shock, – admitted “StarHit” the husband of Scar Arthur Martirosyan. – Let’s wait for the tests and hope for the best.”

      Worried for a friend and another colleague in the “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky. He came to visit Andrew in the cancer center. In early August, Andrew for the course chemotherapy of of oncological center Blokhin sent to Munich, one of the best clinics of Europe. Assessing the status of the artist, the German doctors decided to keep him in the hospital until the New year.

      Some time later, the Director of the star noted that the status of the Andrew stable, no deterioration, no improvements. Of the unpleasant symptoms of dizziness due to intensive medication. But the actor was optimistic.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      Scam Scam and the “Hello” from the star

      At the end of August in Instagram post was posted with a call for help Andrew. Its author was listed Stanislav Yarushin, a colleague Giulana for the TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya”.

      “Andrey Gidulyan urgently needs an operation! – it was written in the message. – He has a tumor in the third degree in the lymph nodes. Cancer cells were grown for several months and continue to grow now. At the moment the tumor had become so large, making it difficult to breathe and talk. Urgently needs an expensive operation. We need a huge amount of money, which, unfortunately, no. We provide financial assistance, but not enough. We, the friends and family of Andrew, asking for your help.”

      Of course, fans of the actor couldn’t just ignore the request and immediately rushed to transfer money. But, unfortunately, fell into the hands of fraudsters who hacked page Stanislaus Yarushina and spread invalid information. No fundraising is actually not even planned. Deterioration was not there.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      “Lord, how do you get such news? I’m not aware of this, and Andrew – commented the Director of the actor to Woman’s Day. – He feels as is possible in such a situation: a lot of walks, he has a good appetite. If there was a third stage, the doctors are hardly allowed Andrew to lead such an active lifestyle”.

      Of course, the actor himself could not pass this outrageous case. In early September he first came in touch with his loyal fans by recording a video message from Munich. He’s thinner and because chemotherapy temporarily lost their hair, said that his illness was a turning point and assured that financial assistance it is required.

      “I finally decided to go for a variety of reasons, said Andrew. One of them, maybe not very pleasant. Some scammers took advantage of my condition and to collect money from good people. God will judge them, as they say. This is a separate issue. I want to thank all who have thrown at least ten roubles, and to apologize for what you had to do it. We tried this as something to eliminate. We hope that these rubles back to me in the spiritual equivalent from you. I want to say that I am really treated. Being treated in Germany. Have been here for a month. Thank God, I have everything in order, I don’t know if your prayers or the hands of doctors. I’m starting to recover. In our disease became a turning point. We see that everything is going in the right direction, and I move to recovery. So I want all to thank. Your every thought, every word… I am very pleased. From someone I get calls and text messages. I am grateful to you. And if I ask, it is only on your prayers. God willing, soon return to Moscow and keep doing whatever you were doing. Someone will be happy someone will annoy your creativity. Will live as he lived. And even better. God forbid, God bless you, thank you”.

      By the way, about the work. Even being treated far from home, Andrew could not cope with the desire to create. A few days ago it became known that he decided to write a book about his life. In it, he wants to tell people about his childhood, the coming popularity and the details of the fight against disease. Now the actor is considering offers from publishers.

      Андрей Гайдулян: борьба с болезнью и последние новости

      The turning point of the disease behind

      Positive dynamics in the treatment of Andrew noted his sister Olga, saying that he feels fine and that he had decreased swelling. She and the parents of the actor are not able to come to Germany, so I support him, call him every day. And mother of Andrew regularly visits the Church of St. Demetrios in Chisinau: come in for service, praying to St. Panteleimon, recently ordered prayers for the dead – prayer for the health.

      But Andrew struggles with illness in a foreign country without one. Next to him there, as at home, is always his beloved Diana. Together they rented an apartment near the clinic, where the actor is undergoing treatment.

      In early October, when, apparently, all the worst is behind us, the bride of Andrew after a long silence, published in his Instagram them a picture together, thereby giving the people to understand that they have everything in order. In the photo smiling lovers are happy to eat ice cream. The responses of fans not long to wait: they were happy for the status of the artist and wished him a speedy recovery. The review was so much that Diane could not thank the people concerned. Then she posted another photo and signed: “Friends, thank you all for your support! We are fine!”

      And recently, Diana made her beloved surprise and produced a short video in the form of a slideshow accompanied by the song Remix of the song called Reamonn Supergirl. And, of course, the choice of the composition is not accidental. In these lines refers to the supergirl who has lost his way, but not crying. All as in life.

      “Looking at old photos… And realized that there were so many unique, – wrote the girl in the following, very recent, two-day video in the “Instagram”. – I thank God for love. I’m so happy that you’re with me. And I’ll always be with you‼! We can do anything!”

      Diana moves with dignity all the hardships, attached, although it is clear that it is not easy. But she and family members of the actor and the whole country believe that he will recover. Believe that on 31 December, as predicted by the doctors, he will be greeted in Moscow as he wanted. After the New year – a new life. Fans would like to see Andrew come into her healthy and so cheerful as before.

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