Andrew Hagolan surprised fans with a dramatic change of image

Андрей Гайдулян удивил поклонников кардинальной сменой имиджа The actor shaved his Mohawk. Andrew Hagolan posted the photo, which depicted in a new image. However, not all fans of the men relished his sudden change in appearance.
Андрей Гайдулян удивил поклонников кардинальной сменой имиджа

Andrew Hagolan quite often pleases fans of various revelations. He likes to post photos from the shoot and also share news of personal life. However, another post of the actor shocked his fans.

The fact that Andrew showed how he shaved the Mohawk to the song Philip Kirkorov “Color mood blue.” Initially, some fans came to the conclusion that Hagolan was just kidding, but soon his Instagram appeared the new.

“At the time did not have time to write Kirkorov’s video message, as did other wonderful actors. That’s correct – better late than never. Especially in Las Vegas very favorable soil for blue mood” – signed post with the transformation Hagolan.

Purple Mohawk, which the artist shaved in one of the salons of the United States, has surprised its subscribers. Many of them praised Andrew for his courage, but there were also those who condemned him for calling appearance. According to them, man will be hard to pass the casting on a new role with a haircut.

“I don’t understand why he did it? Like a grown man, and there are silly antics, You just younger. Really suits this style, although I wouldn’t dare”, “It is fashionable, bright and interesting! I love you, Andrew! You are a very sincere person”, – shared his opinion the fans Giulana.

The actor himself is absolutely not worried that his image may seem too geeky. He enjoys travel, not tired to share with fans impressions of the trip.

According to some fans of the artist, for a change, Andrew was able to push a new girlfriend. Hagolan and 26-year-old actress Alexander, Oleskevich’ve been Dating for a few months. Recently the star couple and all decided to move in together.

Recall that recently Andrei divorced Diana and Ochilboy. Together the pair went through many trials, and that the girl was near Giulana when he struggled with cancer. However, after little more than a year after the official registration of marriage, the couple officially terminated the relationship.

Andrew Hagolan mocked his overweight wife

Now being the star of the series “I” was not serious. Sam Andrew is trying to get pleasure from each and every day, manages to not only build a successful career in film, but also to travel a lot.