Андрей Гайдулян тайно женился в Москве
The star of “Univer” and his bride Diana ochilova formalized the relationship to the Tagansky registry office.

Andrew Hagolan and Diana ochilova

Photo: personal archive

It seems that the history of the relationship between Andrew and his Giulana
sweetheart Diana Ochilboy, more like a love melodrama with elements
tragedy was crowned with a happy ending. After a loud parting, which was
it is known in spring this year, Andrew and Diana have legalized their relationship in Tagansky
The Registry Office Of Moscow. At the ceremony where the groom and the bride came in jeans and white
the shirts, not in their wedding clothes, were missing not only their
friends, but even the parents. In the hands instead of the traditional bouquet Diana kept
wild daisies.

Wedding ring on the ring finger Giulana
fans noticed last summer: the actor demonstrated it by appearing on White
Party within. Gossips began to wonder when lovers had
to sign. But, it turned out, the ring was presented to Andrei for a long time.

“The ring had been given to Andrew I — shared then
7days.ru Diana. — We celebrated then mini the date: six months of our relationship. With
then, Andrew is. Not always true, but wears quite often.”

The lovers have been together for five years. A year ago to
tragic news about the illness of the actor, young people were going to get married.
When in July, Diana and Andrew found out that he had a serious illness, they, of course,
it was not until the Registrar’s office. In the summer, when the doctors confirmed that Andrew is healthy, the couple
had time to think about a future together.

Recall that the star of the series “Sashatanya” this year
made perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A couple of months
ago after a long battle with a serious illness the actor suddenly broke up with
his bride Diana Ochilboy. Nobody expected that lovers that before
disease Andrew was going to get married and together they all fell test
suddenly cease to be a couple. That they break up, its subscribers in
the social network said Diana. The girl was very upset by this period, wrote
sad letters to a personal blog, getting a lot of answers, full of compassion,
regret and consolation. Fortunately, the love story of Giulana and his beloved,
that would end the drama ended happily.