Andrew Hagolan officially divorced his wife

Андрей Гайдулян официально развелся с женой
The ex-wife of actor the support of the fans in the Network.

Photo: Instagram

The collapse of relations over another beautiful love story. Star of TV series “Univer” and “Sashatanya” Andrew Hagolan divorced his wife, Diane Ochilboy.

That in a relationship pair was in disarray, the fans noticed a few months ago. In modern tradition, Andrew and Diana ceased to publish a joint photo. The personal blog of actor, there was only pictures from the set and charity ads. Diana began a new life full of the night partying and chatting with friends. And another girl lost a lot of weight more than 15 kg. she explained that beginning a healthy lifestyle, follow the diet and exercise. In fact, the reason is nerves.

It is unknown who was the initiator of the divorce. But Diana, judging by her posts in Instagram, suffers greatly. She constantly publishes sad poems or thoughts. And even “hooked” on creativity Oli buzovoy that draws inspiration from my own experience. Most of her songs — about the betrayal of a loved one. Indeed, Buzova almost a year ago went through a difficult divorce with Dmitry Tarasov.

The share of Andrew and Diana at the time, fell the most simple test. When it became known that Hagolan cancer, ochilova threw all of his strength to ease her beloved’s life. She went with him for treatment in Germany and support as he could during the grueling treatments. However, after the actor recovered, the young people taking some time off. Apparently, they needed a break. But then they got back together and little more than a year ago played a lavish wedding in Italy.

Last night Diana published in a personal blog your picture in a wedding dress and signed it: “Everything.” However, this look was not her real wedding, and the outfit with the Halloween holiday. This year Diana noted it in the image of the sad bride. Now I understand why.

Her friends and followers to actively support girl during this challenging period.

“Devotees come to their senses, but the boomerang has not been canceled!” — write militant followers of Diana.

“Hold on! You’re not alone! All will be well!” — are reduced to this all other comments under the post.

Special support is provided by the real friends of Ochilboy who do not know the whole situation.

“Thinking of you!” — wrote Diana, her friend Anton Bogoslavskaya, PR Olga Buzova.

“I know! told him ochilova. And wait you very much!”