Andrew Hagolan mastered surfing

Андрей Гайдулян освоил серфинг
Popular actor for the first time “caught the wave”.

Andrew Hagolan

While on vacation in America, Andrew Hagolan
was fascinated by new sport — surfing. According to star of the series “SASHATANYA”
on TNT, his first wave he caught on the coast of the Pacific ocean in Los Angeles.

“I met her on the beach, surf instructors, —
the actor smiles. And decided must try!” Interestingly,
coach Alex was of Russian origin and introduced himself as the instructor
almost the only one on the entire coast of the Russian school of surfing. Received
lessons Hagolan was satisfied. According to celebrity, he quickly
mastered, and even “caught” a wave that is great for beginners
good luck.

Recall that in America, Andrew went along with
his wife Diana to show her the country. To travel Hagolan prepared in advance
planned route that best met his wife with a local flavor:
New York, Boston, a road trip through California, Texas and many

In addition, the actor has put
the goal is to “pull” spoken English, and this should be possible
to take in the sights. The actor admitted that he even thought to get
a bartender at one of the institutions to quickly and efficiently imbued with a local flavor.
to get behind the counter and decided not to.