Andrew Hagolan explained why quarreled with the bride before the wedding

Андрей Гайдулян объяснил, почему разругался с невестой накануне свадьбы The actor often clashed with his chosen. According to Giulana, this is due not only to its explosive character, but with a quick temper Diana Ochilboy. The actor has frankly told about how he managed to find harmony in a relationship.

      In September of this year in the life of 32-year-old Andrew Giulana, a momentous event occurred – the actor played a magnificent wedding abroad. The movie star married the 25-year-old Diana Ochilboy. The luxurious ceremony took place in Italy. Recently, the actor has shared with journalists the information that his marriage almost fell. Hagolan also told how he managed to regain harmony in the relationship with the beloved. According to Andrew, it was a mutual decision. A celebrity and his fiancee realized that we needed to stop arguing.

      Andrew Hagolan rolled Italian wedding

      “This summer shortly before the wedding, we had a fight and even departed. But have enough intelligence to understand that if so much together passed, you do not need to go away and things will get better. Not to go on about emotions. At some point, after another quarrel Diane and I met and decided it was time to quit. Six years later, it is not necessary to prove who is the boss, not just once solved a difficult situation, know when to remain silent, to apologize when wrong… We both have a temper, swearing at the little things — the nerves passed. After discussing the situation, decided to sign in Moscow, and get married in Italy” – said Hagolan.

      We will remind, “StarHit” wrote that ochilova and Hagolan quarreled before traveling abroad. Friends of the couple told that the trip of the artist in another country failed because of its huge employment. Star “Sachitano” tried to free up time in order to make the company beloved, but in the end he failed to defer the case. Diana had to go to Rimini without my second half. The company of a woman made up her friend.

      Andrew Hagolan again quarreled with the bride

      Earlier Hagolan also went with a sweetheart. It happened in March. Then ochilova published a controversial post on Instagram, which hinted at a serious quarrel with her lover. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me. But something broke we won. And all that remains to us is to let go to infinity” – frankly admitted Diana.

      However, after some time it became known that the young people were able to reconcile. After Hagolan triumphed over cancer, he returned to filming and established personal life. “I am very happy that everything is as before. Back in the saddle and it is great!.. I feel great,” shared with “StarHit” the actor.