Andrew Hagolan commented on wife’s pregnancy

Андрей Гайдулян прокомментировал беременность жены The actor clarified the situation in the family. Andrew Hagolan and his wife Diana appeared at the wedding of fellow artists Vitaly Giganskogo. After the release of the girls in the light of rumors that the couple is expecting a child.
Андрей Гайдулян прокомментировал беременность жены

Thursday, April 27, star of TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky has played a luxury wedding at one of the restaurants in the suburbs. Together with his wife Irina they gathered family, friends and colleagues. Vitaly Gogunsky threw a lavish wedding. PHOTO. VIDEO

Among those invited were Andrew Hagolan, which the groom worked together in the famous sitcom. He appeared at the event with his wife Diane. The girl was dressed in a black puffy dress. The outfit selected by the choice of the actor, has provoked a lot of rumors – some believed that the couple are waiting for the addition to the family. But Andrew said “StarHit” what about pregnancy Diana are not yet available.

“With the completion of us it is too early to congratulate. I recently just from the dog escaped,” – said Hagolan.

The actor and his fiancee were married in early September of last year. Apparently, now the pair is not yet thinking about adding to the family. “After the wedding, we are completely left to the right,” admitted Diana.

Before the wedding Andrew was fighting with his chosen – for some time they lived separately, but then realised that I can’t live without each other. “Have enough intelligence to understand that if so much together passed, you do not need to go away and things will get better. Not to go on about emotions. At some point, after another quarrel Diane and I met and decided it was time to quit. Six years later, it is not necessary to prove who is the boss, not just once solved a difficult situation, know when to remain silent, to apologize when wrong… We both have a temper, swearing at the little things — the nerves have passed,” said Hagolan.

Almost two years ago, Andrew Giulana was diagnosed with cancer. The man immediately started treatment – a time he spent in Germany. Next to him was Diana. After six years of desperate struggle the man was able to improve their health. After that, he decided to do charity work. Andrew realized how important it is to help those who really need it.

“The illness has changed me, I had revised the Outlook on life and finally realized its real price. Realizing this, decided to help fight the others,” said Hagolan “StarHit”.