Andrew Hagolan and Valentina Rubtsova fought stools

Андрей Гайдулян и Валентина Рубцова подрались табуретками The actors visited the household dash. It was there that on-screen couple was able to throw out negative emotions and posobirat each other toilet paper and other household objects.

      In the shopping center “metropolis” continues its work of home shooting range, outdoor channel TNT and the cast of “I”. In this place you can vent without consequences, leave the items to relatives or friends. The first who tried to fight utensils, steel Valentina Rubtsova and Andrew Hagolan.

      “We need to throw in your favorite items – Valentine Rubtsov explained the meaning of shooting. – I have something annoying in it, I need your anger to vent in this way. It is very good. Better than drinking alcoholic drinks, smoke cigarettes and engage in all sorts of trouble. Shooting is much better, I’m for it”.

      Hagolan agree with his on-screen wife. “I have to come here to put back his wife and shouting “Love!” to throw into it what you want. What are we going to throw? Toilet paper, brooms, plunger, and so on. It’s a real buzz,” said the actor.

      The actors became the characters and have used all the features of home Thira. Couple Sasha and Tanya Sergeeva rushed at each other different objects and to let off steam. Rubtsou was screaming “that’s for the sausage under the bed!” – and threw his partner a roll of toilet paper, and a few minutes later Hagolan, shouting “for love!” launched into her with a stool.